Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Be"witch"ing Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!  My two little pumpkins were as cute as ever this Halloween.  Ayden's first Halloween was no where near a RAINY, GLOOMY one, like the weather this year...Boo!! 

Allie went to day care during the day for a spooktacular day with her friends.  She showed off her masterpiece she created and was soooo proud of.  This pumpkin art was kitchen refrigerator worthy.

Halloween dinner this year was graveyard meatloaf with ghostly mashed potatoes...and a little special jack-o-lantern for Allie girl.  The raisins were definitely her favorite. 

Dinner inspiration.  My meatloaf looked ALMOST just like this...
I was in such a rush at dinnertime I TOTALLY forgot to take a picture of it...bummer!

My little pumpkin all ready to go trick-or-treating
So happy it's Halloween
Since the weather did not cooperate at ALL...we ventured to the mall for some dry, indoor trick-or-treating.  Everyone else had the same smart idea we did.  It was a ZOO!  Luckily we got there early and it was somewhat less crowded to start. 

Trick-or-treat, watch me sleep!

When more and more goblins and ghouls arrived, Allie decided she wanted to ditch the trick-or-treating and go play at the mall's play area.  We met Allie's friend Ainsley (our neighbor's) there too!  Even though this Halloween's trick-or-treating wasn't ideal...we were all dry!...and we had a be"witch"ing good time!  AAANNNDDD we got to have a pretzel from the mall too...Allie's favorite mall food.  What a great Halloween snack to enjoy while watching the classic Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin!  Happy Halloween, 2013!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bedtime Buddies

Of all the things to sleep with...

...Allie insisted on napping with the Swifer today.  Insisted as in...drop to the floor, kick my feet, and cry as loud as I can until Mom gives in.  The effort to fight this battle definitely wasn't worth it.  Waving the white flag here. 


Ayden will have many firsts in his little life.  Last night was documented as his first cold...stuffy nose, loud breather, have to sleep upright in the bouncy seat, cold. This first was bound to happen.  I just didn't think it would happen so soon.  Allie has had a runny nose the past 3 days and no matter how close of an eye I keep on her, she is constantly in Ayden's him every germ she's picked up from daycare for his fragile little immune system to fight off. 

After listening to him struggle to breath half the night, we ventured downstairs to the couch where I could lay close to him in the bouncy seat without having to physically get up every time that pesky binky fell out if his mouth. Someone really needs to invent a no-fall-out-of-baby's-mouth binky. Luckily,  Ayden snoozed pretty well after that as long as he was on an incline.  I fiiiiiinnaallllyyyy fell back asleep...that is until Allie started crying upstairs because I was nowhere to be found. It was another night and day of exhaustion for me. 

With the not-so-pleasant firsts come the firsts that a mommy will always remember and cherish...the firsts that are kept way back in a secret place in mommy's heart, even up until her child's wedding day. 

This week Ayden started smiling.  It was probably gas smiles, but every time I see his little gummy smile I immediately forget how tired I am and just enjoy the precious little moment of my happy baby. Of course I whip out my phone for the perfect cheesy grin photo...but get NOTHING. I still remember when Allie smiled for the very first time. That little mommy moment is kept way back in my heart's secret place...and now Ayden's first smile memory was just added to it. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trick or Treat Trail 2013

Today Allie transformed into a "Good Little Witch".  She was so excited to put on her costume and head out trick-or-treating at the annual Trick-Or-Treat Trail.  How cute is this friendly witch???  ...and her little pumpkin too!  Every witch needs a pumpkin.

It turned out to be a pretty nice afternoon...not too chilly!  Allie had a fabulous time collecting candy and goodies.  She even got to make a couple crafts along the way.  With a full bucket in hand, Allie sipped on her much deserved shaved ice from the Kona Ice truck.  Bubblegum was her flavor of choice this year.

Check out my cool spider ring!

Ayden chilled out happily in his stroller along the trail.  No candy was collect by him...a binky was all he needed for a little bit of happiness.

Trick or Treat!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ayden is 1 Month

Every month for 24 months Allie and I had a little photo shoot on her monthly birthday.  And it's only fair that what I do for Allie I MUST do for Ayden as well...I'm just finding it's a LOT harder to keep up this time around. 

Ayden and I had our first Sticky Bellie photo shoot in the hospital after he was born.  When I purchased the stickers for Allie the "Just Born" sticker was not included.  I have to say...I like the new addition with hospital bands and all.  I wish I would have brought some cute photo props or a little outfit that would have matched his sticker.  I wasn't very prepared.  In fact, this was the only onesie I brought to the hospital that fit him! 

Ayden's first month of life was filled with lots of adventures...the cider mill, dinner, shopping, and to Nana and Papa's house for a few visits. Ayden was such a good boy riding in the car but didn't like when the car stopped.  Lots of friends and family came to meet Ayden after he came home from the hospital. Ayden liked to lay on his play mats and look at the toys.  He liked to sit on the bouncy seat at night when he was cranky as long as someone bounced him. Ayden slept about three hours at night before he was hungry again. Ayden liked when his sister held him. She kissed and hugged him all much Mom and Dad thought she might suffocate him.  Ayden was very comical and grunted all the time.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Super Mom

Adjusting to a newborn all over again wasn't as quite of a cultural shock as it was the first time around. I was already not sleeping well with this pregnancy so waking up every three hours at night to feed was no big deal. I remember with Allie I was so sleep deprived I never knew what time of day it was.  I was always napping when I could. I am able to change a diaper and dress Ayden in about three minutes flat as opposed to taking half a day.  I was terrified I was going to hurt Allie putting a onesie on her.  This time around I know how to nurse, pump...and nurse AND pump at the same time (so much faster to do it at the same time, lol). 

However, what has been a big adjustment is caring for a newborn while I'm still responsible for a toddler.  When everyone says "sleep when the baby sleeps"...that just doesn't mean anything this time around.
I've had to figure out many things these past few which screaming child to attend to first.  Someone is always crying and I'm usually neglecting one of my children.  I've had to learn how to get all three of us up, fed, clean, dressed, and out the door on time.  I was a little terrified the first time I ventured out with both littles as I pictured Ayden crying in his car seat and Allie either running away from me laughing or laying down in the middle of the floor at Target throwing a tantrum.  I've learned how to feed Ayden while making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Allie. I've managed to teach Allie how to not suffocate her brother when she wants to give him a hug (we are still working on giving Ayden his personal space). I can do all of these things while making two little kiddos feel loved and special each and every long as they both cooperate at night and give me a little bit of shut eye. 
Although, Allie watches a little more TV than I would like...and dinner is usually take out or something up we can throw in the microwave to heat up...I'm living my dream of being a mom.  Not only to one special Hammerick, but now to TWO!  In my mind I'm SUPER MOM.  I'm figuring it all and I've only managed to cry one time, lol...or maybe two.  But these two little ones are worth the tears.

My sweet Allie girl taking such good care of her brother

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Halloween Spirit

It's that time of year again...HALLOWEEN!!!  My two little pumpkins helped me get into the Halloween spirit. 

Dressed in our Halloween attire, Allie, Ayden and I decorated the Hammerick house.  Allie had a ball digging through our orange and black bin packed full with bats, spiders, and black cats.  New to the Hammerick Halloween d├ęcor this year are 5 awesome monogrammed pumpkins for our porch.  Aren't they super cool?!?  I first came across them on Etsy...but I could make these myself!
Todd and I surprised Allie with a fun Halloween bag with lots of Halloween activities and goodies.  Allie's favorite thing in her surprise bag was a book that sings the Monster Mash.  Sorry, will get your bag next year when you are a little bit bigger.  For now Allie will happily play her new book for you...over and over again.

Listening to her new book

For Halloween this year, Allie decided that she wanted to be "A Good Little Witch."  When I was searching through our Halloween costume bins I happen to come across a vintage black witch hat that I wore when I was about 3 years old.  My mom saved EVERYTHING!!!  Allie tried it on and her costume idea was born.  There was no dress that went with the witch hat, so I looked up some ideas on line and made some matching accessories.  A witch tutu and broom...and some adorable CLEARANCE leg warmers I found on-line for $3 (whoo-hoo!)...and WHAAA-LAAA!  A good little witch! 

Allie named herself "The Good Little Witch" from her favorite show, Sofia the First.  There was an episode where a not so nice witch turned good with the help of her new friend, Sofia. 

Happy Halloween

Ayden is our little pumpkin for his very first Halloween.  I couldn't think of a better accompaniment for his big sissy.  His outfit is cozy and warm...just what we need because Halloween night is probably going to be FREEZING!

My snuggly little pumpkin

Allie and I carved our Halloween pumpkin together.  She decided her pumpkin should have circle eyes, a triangle nose, and 3 teeth.  It came out perfect!

We are all set for trick-or-treating fun this October!  Have a Happy Hammerick Halloween!!!