Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Journey Through Pregnancy

Welcome, Ayden James!!!  Week 38 marks the very last week of my baby belly.  It's hard to believe that our chalkboard found it's new home in our basement storage room.  Every week for the past 32 weeks, Todd (and Allie) have taken a picture of my growing bump.  Allie INSISTED on also taking a photo of me after we convinced her week after week to let Daddy do it first. 
Little Ayden made me quite uncomfortable at the end.  My back hurt so bad that I usually ended up playing musical beds each night...from my bed, to the floor, to the couch...and even to Allie's giant bean bag in her room.  We are so glad he's finally here...and so are my ribs and lungs.  He arrived TWO WHOLE WEEKS EARLY at 7lbs, 2oz. 
Here's a recap of my baby belly bump in photos.  This will be the last baby belly my body will see.  Our family is finally complete.






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