Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mini Goldfish

This little fishy has moved up to the "I swim all by myself class" and it's been a bit of a rough road. Allie cried pretty much the whole first class she attended. It took every bit of me to not go in there and save my screaming baby. The second class she cried for about 15 minutes of her 30 minute class and the third class only 7 minutes. It's getting better, but Allie is deathly afraid of going under water. She hasn't mastered that skill just yet and refuses to put her face anywhere near the water.

A couple weeks ago however, we made a little bit of progress.  Allie received her very first ribbon for blowing bubbles in the water.  YEAH!!!  Big accomplishment. 
Todd took Allie to Toys R Us to buy her a fun pair of goggles and a pack of super cool Sofia stickers to have after each class as a little incentive. Keeping our fingers crossed that Allie will start to enjoy swim lessons again.

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