Saturday, September 28, 2013

Apple, Apple On the Tree

When Allie was born it was December...snowy, wet, and cold.  We didn't venture out of the house too much right away.  We stayed inside where it was warm and safe...and germ free.  With Ayden, things are a little different.  He's a second child.  We got this parenting thing down now.  We know how time our trips out of the house based on feedings.  We don't worry so much when Ayden cries...because babies just cry sometimes.  I'm comfortable nursing in public and multi-tasking while I do.  Keeping life as normal and fun for Allie is a big priority for Todd and I. 
This BEAUTIFUL Saturday morning, Todd informed me that there were NO Michigan or Michigan State football games on.  Translation: the Hammerick's can venture out with no curfew!  When Todd suggested we go apple picking on this football-free day, I picked up my diaper bag and my baby and off we went.  My love for cider mills, apple picking and caramel apples will surely be passed on to my two kiddos. 

We chose to go to Long's to pick apples because we didn't have to take a hayride to get to the apple trees.  We could simply walk.  No bumpy or dusty hayride for this 2 week old...and Allie was little afraid of the tractor, ha ha! 

Allie did a great job yanking apples off the trees.  A lot of them ended up falling to the ground after she pulled them off.  The ones that didn't fall to the ground, Allie sampled for about four bites...then those also went on the ground. 

Check out these apples, Dad!

Ayden was perfectly content in the Bjorn...he LOVES that thing.  He snoozed the entire time allowing for a happy time had by all. 

Ayden's first time picking apples


After our 1/2 bushel bag was filled to the top and Todd lugged it back to the car, Allie and Ayden posed for a photo by the measuring stick.  My how we've grown this fall!  We are getting so big!

What are we going to do with the BA-ZILLION apples we now own?  I have great crisp, apple muffins, applesauce, apple snacks, apple oatmeal bake are all the things I pinned on Pinterest on the car ride home.  Let's see how much I can realistically make with a toddler and a newborn at home???

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