Friday, August 2, 2013

Piggy Paint

I knew this day would eventually come. The day Allie and I would have our nails done together.  My little girl and I sharing some girly time together.

We had family in from out of town this week. Allie, Nana, Auntie Ellen, Aunt Jen and I all headed to the mall one day for some shopping (which didn't last too long with Allie), playtime at the kids area, lunch, and a pedicure. 

Allie did soooooo well sitting and having her nails clipped and polished. 

She picked out the color all by herself. Bubble gum pink!  She was a happy girl with her bright pink toes. 


Thanks, Auntie Ellen for treating us. Allie's first pedicure was a huge success. I see many more trips to the nail salon in our future. 

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