Saturday, August 3, 2013

Eighth Month of Pregnancy

Finally...another ultrasound!  My ultrasound tech had a little surprise for me.  She now can do 3D ultrasounds!!!  So cool...however this little stinker didn't participate very well.  He had his hands up by his face the whole so it was almost impossible to get a good photo.  He is also quite squished in there so that didn't help either.  Check out baby boy Hammerick with 8 more weeks to cook.

Weight Gain?  15 pounds

Sleep?  Lots of wake ups in the middle of the night to pee. Sleeping on my sides with pillows to prop up my belly. 

Movement?  I'm getting kicked and punched all the time. Allie has even felt a hand or foot trying to poke its way out. I've felt hiccups at least every other day too.

Food Cravings?  Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream.  Actually...any kind of ice cream.  I never really want to eat dinner....I'm usually still full from lunch. 

What's Making Me Queasy?  The thought of having to go through labor again!  ...and the thought of never sleeping again.

Symptoms? The lower left side of my back hurts almost every day.  I'm sure picking up Allie isn't helping it.  I'm still pretty tired in the afternoon and try to lay down when Allie naps.  Baby is taking up more and more room in there.  He's punching my bladder causing me to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes and kicking my ribs (ouch).

Mood? starts in a month and I have so much to do to get my classroom ready.  I've been in to work a couple days and I usually can't move the following day from lifting and moving boxes and furniture.  I'm trying to take it easy, but its gotta get done.  Allie will spend time at day care or with Nana while I work.  Also feeling SAD that it's August...that means summer is coming to an end...BOO!

Looking Forward to...  Seeing the nursery finished.  We haven't made much progress this month.  Still waiting for the bedding to arrive in the mail.  Also looking forward to being able to eat and breathe again.  I'm ready to have him here on the outside world so I can start moving around like normal again.

Best Moment of the Month?  Having another ultrasound and confirming that this baby is definitely a BOY!  Thanks goodness because I've already started to get rid of Allie's girl clothes, we've painted his room NAVY BLUE, and I've ordered bedding that is BOY-ish.  There's no going back now!

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