Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It's hard to believe in just a few short weeks we will be welcoming our second bundle of joy! Since this will be our second time around we are in on the secret and know that a very small person brings very big changes. So from now until mid-September, I will be savoring my 8 hours of sleep each night as well as my hour nap during Allie's nap. Both of those luxuries will pretty much be non-existent once Baby Boy Hammerick shows up. But, I guess an adorable little newborn is totally worth the sacrifice!'s not forever...right?  I need to keep telling myself that b

We have been trying to prepare Allie as much as possible. She has been the center of our world for the past 2 1/2 years and although I am so excited for her to have a sibling, I worry that her tiny little world will be shaken up big time. We talk about the new baby brother that is in my belly.  She knows she is going to be a big sister. She knows she will help take care of this precious little guy. Allie is constantly giving my belly kisses and hugs.

I have moments where I get a little nervous knowing Allie won't be my one and only. How do I share my love I have for her... I cant imagine. She isn't my little baby anymore. She hasn't been for a long time. She can carry on full conversations. She can dress her self including putting her shoes on. This has become very helpful especially during my pregnancy because I can't bend over here very well.

It's time for some changes around here and they will be here sooner than we think. The countdown has begun. 

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