Friday, August 16, 2013

A Day with the Amish

A little summer getaway weekend to Auntie Ellen's and Uncle Joe's allowed Allie and I to spend a morning with the Amish. Auntie's PA house is short drive to Middletown, OH where there are lots of Amish folks selling their Amish goodies. 

Allie happily posed inside the traditional Amish buggy. We saw quite a few buggies on the road. 

We stopped for some Amish cheese at the cheese store. Allie liked her cheddar. She also liked the adorable Amish bonnets for sale and the Amish cookies!!  Yum!


Outside the General Store were more buggies with horses!  We got a close up look before heading into the store to buy ice cream, salt water taffy and other yummy candy.

This little Amish girl enjoyed her day but was glad to return to her life of electronics and iPhones. 

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