Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ninth Month of Pregnancy

Weight Gain?  17 pounds

Sleep?  Seems to be the only relief I get.  All day long I feel tons of pressure, but when I lay down...awww.  So much better.  However I still have to get up to go to the bathroom a few times at night.   

Movement?  Lots and lots!  Sometimes it's even painful when I get a kick in my rib or bladder.  Todd and Allie can see my belly move too.

Food Cravings? more room in there for my stomach.

What's Making Me Queasy?  Nothing.

Symptoms? EVERYTHING!  Tons of pressure (I feel like he's about to fall out sometimes).  Shooting pains in my back.  Numbness in my legs. I can't breathe because my lungs don't have enough space.  I'm waddling...I feel like a duck!

Mood?   Crabby...because I can't get back up when sitting on the floor, it's been super humid lately, and I can feel my skin stretching...OUCH!

Looking Forward to...  LABOR!  Ha, ha!  How bad does that sound???  All the pains are coming flooding back to me, but I'm ready to have my body back (for the most part).  The doctor says I'm measuring small but the baby is a good normal size...that just means he likes to stay in and not come out (he's pretty much taking over all the space that is supposed to be for my big deal - I don't need to eat, or breathe).

Best Moment of the Month?  Allie giving my belly a hug and a kiss almost every day.  She is SOOOO sweet and already loves this little guy. Let's just hope he loves her as much as she loves him. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Love This Girl

I just can't get enough of her. This little sweetheart has become the most affectionate thing this summer. I'll turn around and there she is under my feet with her little arms reaching around my legs to give me a squeeze. Or, I will be in the middle of something and these two tiny hands are tickling my belly, smiling, and talking to her baby brother (in utero). Allie loves to snuggle before much that she never wants to go to bed. We lay and talk on her giant bean bag about all the days adventures.  I really hope that my little love bug never changes. In 10 years will my 13 year old teen still want to cuddle with her mamma?  I better cherish ever itsy bitsy hug and kiss I can collect from my Allie girl these days. Love her!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

When summer began about two months ago, Allie started staying up past her usual bedtime of 8:00.  Her summer bedtime in 9:00, but by the time she falls's usually closer to 10:00.  Many, many nights Allie wanders into our room and lays down on her "other" bed (her sleeping bag) and will go right back to sleep without disturbing anyone.  UNLESS she has to go to the bathroom...which is usually at least once a night.  Her Pull-Up is dry most mornings.  It's so GREAT that she recognizes when she needs to go...however, she needs someone to go with her at 2:00 am...and that someone is a back aching pregnant mamma that can't roll out of bed (literally).

Because I'm up here and there in the middle of the night, I've gotten lazy and sleep in a bit longer.  As long as I'm sleeping...Allie will continue to sleep.  Some mornings we get up close to 9:00.  This is going to be a problem when school starts.  Neither of us are going to be morning people. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fun at the Amusement Park

After dinner at Auntie's house, Allie and Jenna headed to Conneaut Park to with Auntie, Todd and I.  Who doesn't love the amazement park?!?!  A pregnant momma who can't ride anything. Oh well...I had just as much fun watching my Allie girl take a turn or few on the rides. She was a little apprehensive at first, but by the end of the night Allie had ridden on half a dozen rides a few times each. Her favorites included the boats and cars. Wheeeee!

Back to Deer Park

To kill a couple hours this Saturday morning in PA, Allie, Todd and I all headed back to Deer Park to feed some deer.
Allie liked feeding the deer best out of all the other animals.  She was really particular about which deer she wanted to feed.  She liked the baby deer and only thought they deserved a deer cracker. Todd distracted the bigger deer while Allie snuck in a cracker for the babies.  

The mini-horse was still there, roaming around.  This year, Allie wasn't afraid of it anymore.  He wasn't a very hungry horse!  He must have eaten a bunch of crackers just before we got there.

Friday, August 16, 2013

A Day with the Amish

A little summer getaway weekend to Auntie Ellen's and Uncle Joe's allowed Allie and I to spend a morning with the Amish. Auntie's PA house is short drive to Middletown, OH where there are lots of Amish folks selling their Amish goodies. 

Allie happily posed inside the traditional Amish buggy. We saw quite a few buggies on the road. 

We stopped for some Amish cheese at the cheese store. Allie liked her cheddar. She also liked the adorable Amish bonnets for sale and the Amish cookies!!  Yum!


Outside the General Store were more buggies with horses!  We got a close up look before heading into the store to buy ice cream, salt water taffy and other yummy candy.

This little Amish girl enjoyed her day but was glad to return to her life of electronics and iPhones. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It's hard to believe in just a few short weeks we will be welcoming our second bundle of joy! Since this will be our second time around we are in on the secret and know that a very small person brings very big changes. So from now until mid-September, I will be savoring my 8 hours of sleep each night as well as my hour nap during Allie's nap. Both of those luxuries will pretty much be non-existent once Baby Boy Hammerick shows up. But, I guess an adorable little newborn is totally worth the sacrifice!'s not forever...right?  I need to keep telling myself that b

We have been trying to prepare Allie as much as possible. She has been the center of our world for the past 2 1/2 years and although I am so excited for her to have a sibling, I worry that her tiny little world will be shaken up big time. We talk about the new baby brother that is in my belly.  She knows she is going to be a big sister. She knows she will help take care of this precious little guy. Allie is constantly giving my belly kisses and hugs.

I have moments where I get a little nervous knowing Allie won't be my one and only. How do I share my love I have for her... I cant imagine. She isn't my little baby anymore. She hasn't been for a long time. She can carry on full conversations. She can dress her self including putting her shoes on. This has become very helpful especially during my pregnancy because I can't bend over here very well.

It's time for some changes around here and they will be here sooner than we think. The countdown has begun. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Eighth Month of Pregnancy

Finally...another ultrasound!  My ultrasound tech had a little surprise for me.  She now can do 3D ultrasounds!!!  So cool...however this little stinker didn't participate very well.  He had his hands up by his face the whole so it was almost impossible to get a good photo.  He is also quite squished in there so that didn't help either.  Check out baby boy Hammerick with 8 more weeks to cook.

Weight Gain?  15 pounds

Sleep?  Lots of wake ups in the middle of the night to pee. Sleeping on my sides with pillows to prop up my belly. 

Movement?  I'm getting kicked and punched all the time. Allie has even felt a hand or foot trying to poke its way out. I've felt hiccups at least every other day too.

Food Cravings?  Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream.  Actually...any kind of ice cream.  I never really want to eat dinner....I'm usually still full from lunch. 

What's Making Me Queasy?  The thought of having to go through labor again!  ...and the thought of never sleeping again.

Symptoms? The lower left side of my back hurts almost every day.  I'm sure picking up Allie isn't helping it.  I'm still pretty tired in the afternoon and try to lay down when Allie naps.  Baby is taking up more and more room in there.  He's punching my bladder causing me to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes and kicking my ribs (ouch).

Mood? starts in a month and I have so much to do to get my classroom ready.  I've been in to work a couple days and I usually can't move the following day from lifting and moving boxes and furniture.  I'm trying to take it easy, but its gotta get done.  Allie will spend time at day care or with Nana while I work.  Also feeling SAD that it's August...that means summer is coming to an end...BOO!

Looking Forward to...  Seeing the nursery finished.  We haven't made much progress this month.  Still waiting for the bedding to arrive in the mail.  Also looking forward to being able to eat and breathe again.  I'm ready to have him here on the outside world so I can start moving around like normal again.

Best Moment of the Month?  Having another ultrasound and confirming that this baby is definitely a BOY!  Thanks goodness because I've already started to get rid of Allie's girl clothes, we've painted his room NAVY BLUE, and I've ordered bedding that is BOY-ish.  There's no going back now!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Piggy Paint

I knew this day would eventually come. The day Allie and I would have our nails done together.  My little girl and I sharing some girly time together.

We had family in from out of town this week. Allie, Nana, Auntie Ellen, Aunt Jen and I all headed to the mall one day for some shopping (which didn't last too long with Allie), playtime at the kids area, lunch, and a pedicure. 

Allie did soooooo well sitting and having her nails clipped and polished. 

She picked out the color all by herself. Bubble gum pink!  She was a happy girl with her bright pink toes. 


Thanks, Auntie Ellen for treating us. Allie's first pedicure was a huge success. I see many more trips to the nail salon in our future.