Saturday, July 6, 2013

Seventh Month of Pregnancy

Weight Gain?  14 pounds

Sleep?  I still try to take a nap as often as I can.  It's getting uncomfortable to lay.  I cannot lay on my back because I feel like a 15 pound weight is on my stomach.  I sleep with a pillow on each side of me so I can shove it under my belly when I roll side to side.

Movement?  Lots of hands and feet try to poke their way out of my growing belly.  I feel like he's doing somersaults in there.

Food Cravings?  Watermelon.  I've been eating a LOT of watermelon...and Allie helps out too.  My stomach doesn't have a lot of room in there.  I get full really fast and everyone usually asks if I got enough to eat.  There's just no room.

What's Making Me Queasy?  Still nothing...YEAH!

Symptoms? My lower back is starting to have a bit of pain here and there.  My lungs are getting squished and I can't breathe half the day...especially after meals.  I'm pretty sure I'm starting to waddle...I definitely waddle as the day progresses.  I'm exhausted about half way through the day and get out of breath really easily when walking or climbing the stairs. 

Mood?   Great!  My "Gotta get this stuff done before the baby arrives" to do list is getting shorter and shorter.  I'm checking things off each's making me more and more relieved.

Looking Forward to...  Spending these last two months with my Allie girl and giving her as much attention as I can.  It's not long until our family of three is a family of four.  Also looking forward to having the baby's room painted and furniture delivered.  Most of the room SHOULD be completed this next month!  Yeah!

Best Moment of the Month?  Spending time with our family on our cruise.  We had so much fun relaxing, swimming, and playing...and napping.  Allie and I napped together everyday.  Our baby-moon vacation will not be forgotten.

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