Thursday, July 4, 2013

Miss Independence

There's no better fitting title for this post...our Allie girl is becoming quite the independent girl.  While it becomes frustrating for Todd and I (and probably Nana and everyone who cares for Allie at day care) Allie INSISTS on doing everything HERSELF...from putting on her shoes (on the wrong feet), to brushing her teeth, going to the potty, getting dressed (usually when we are running late)...Allie wants to do it all herself.

This 4th of July was a fun one.  Allie was a happy girl when she saw a little something for her on the kitchen counter.  A few snacks for the day, some shades for the parade, a new ribbon to match her incredible independence day dress, and a new baton to twirl around...and hopefully not break something with.

Today was the PERFECT day for a parade...the weather was just warm enough but not scorching like last year.  We made a quick stop at Dunkin Doughnuts for breakfast where Allie happily picked out a red, white and blue doughnut to munch on while waiting for the parade to start.

The Northville parade was fantastic, as always, and Allie enjoyed collecting candy that others threw as they passed by.  I think she brought home more candy than she received at Halloween this past year.  Some of Allie's favorites were the dogs dressed in their best Americana wear and the marching bands.  Allie's buddy Preston met us also and I was able to take a quick pic of the two of them.  What good buddies!

After a quick nap, for Allie and me (I'm taking every opportunity to sleep now because I know pretty soon here I'm never sleeping again), we headed to our friend's house for a quick swim in the lake and dinner.   I had another adorable red, white and blue outfit for Allie to wear...what a cutie pie.  Allie and I swam and she loved hanging out on the giant raft.  Thanks for the invite, Soffa's!

Later that evening we put on our own fireworks show with our friends who live across the street...and everyone else that happen to be out for their evening walk.  10:00 was just too late for Allie to be up and we weren't quite sure if she would even like the fireworks.  Allie and Ainsley had a blast as Todd lit off some low key fountains.  They giggled and squealed!  It was too hilarious!!

For the grand finale we did some sparklers...under a very careful eye of Todd and I.  Allie eyes lit up as she held her very own sparkler for the first time. 

Today we celebrated the birth of our nation, our people's Independence Day. We are thankful for those who fought for our country and will remember our many blessings.  Freedom is never given, it is won.  Happy 4th!


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