Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Swinging Good Time

Now that Allie is a growing toddler, it's about time we have some things for her to play with in our backyard...things for her to do while I relax with my frosty drink on our deck under our new umbrella. 

Over the past couple months, we've spruced up our backyard a bit and added a few additions. We removed the UGLY arborvitae trees that the deer had been munching on for the past 3 years. I remember coming home from my maternity leave in Boston and seeing our 12 foot trees bare from about halfway down. What a waste of money. I finally convinced Todd to have them replaced with something deer in went 4 new pine trees. 

I got ambitious one morning...I found the saw in our garage and started sawing off all the lower branches of the HUGE cottonwood tree behind our house. It looks so much better now!  Go me!  Who knew a pregnant girl could do manual labor.  I did have a little help from my strong husband. 

A few weeks ago I purchased a slide for Allie from a former student (thanks, Samantha!). I stuck it under our newly trimmed tree along with Allie's basketball hoop. Then I got the bright idea to hang a swing from our trimmed up tree. Thanks to some other former students, we inherited an awesome bucket swing for Allie (thanks, Luke and Jack!). 

So how did we get this brand new awesome swing up in our tree???  My most awesome dad, of course!  I was about to have a heart attack when he climbed up in the tree to reinforce the branch the swing hung from.  All I could picture was him falling out and breaking his back!  All went well though...thankfully!

Now, our backyard is the perfect place for Allie to play in all summer long. She loves her swing (as long as there are no bugs on it) and her slide (as long as there is no bird poop on it). 

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