Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sixth Month of Pregnancy

Weight Gain?  12 pounds!  Yikes!

Sleep?  I'm STILL exhausted.  School is ending very SOON so I will be taking FULL ADVANTAGE of my daily naps.  Allie and I will BOTH being going down for a daily afternoon nap pretty soon.

Movement?  Tons and tons of kicks, especially at night when I'm laying around and even in the middle of the night when I'm TRYING to sleep.  I saw a foot or a hand (not sure which) poke out of my belly the other day.

Food Cravings?  Nothing.  I usually eat a lot for breakfast and lunch (and some snacks in between)...and when dinner rolls around I still feeling FULL.  My stomach is getting a little cramped in there.  Dinner usually consists of something really small or just a little snack.

What's Making Me Queasy?  Still nothing...YEAH!

Symptoms? Tired and sore.  My legs get sore...not sure why.

Mood?   About to be in the best mood when summer vacation arrives here!!!

Looking Forward to...  Summer vacation and time off from work!  Time to spend relaxing with Allie and RESTING!  Naps!!!  Naps!!!  Naps!!!  Yeah!  Also looking forward to our babymoon coming up (can you still call it a babymoon when you already have a child?).  We are ALL headed on a cruise in a couple weeks!

Best Moment of the Month?  Finalizing the baby bedding, decor, and purchasing the furniture for his room.  So glad to have all the decisions made and see it all come together.  I have the summer to get this little guy's room all decked out in boy decor.

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