Saturday, June 15, 2013


I felt SO VERY blessed when Allie started sleeping through the night at 13 weeks old and continued to be a good sleeper.  I'd sing my goodnight song, lay her in her crib, walk out the door (and close it behind me), and wouldn't hear a peep until about 6:00 am.  This continued UNTIL Allie was about 18 months old...a couple weeks after we hung our binky up on the Binky Tree...a few weeks after Todd came home to Michigan FOR GOOD! 

I'm not sure what triggered it, but my perfect little 10 hours of uninterrupted sleeper vanished and has yet to return.  Allie suffers from a touch of separation anxiety...or so we think.  There is really no other explanation for it.  She MUST have Todd or I in or around her room when she goes to bed and WHEN she wakes up in the middle of the night she wants us to still be there. 

When Todd and I are woken from a dead sleep by whines and sometimes of us usually ends up sleeping on Allie's floor in her room.  You can image how UNCOMFORTABLE this becomes as my belly grows bigger. 

I WAS one of those "I'd NEVER let my kid sleep in my bed" people...that is until I became so frustrated and desperate for sleep.  Allie has made her way into our bed about a half dozen times.  And every single one of those times Allie is the ONLY one that gets any sleep.  A kick in the side or a slap in the face do not help me drift off to dreamland.  Most of the time Todd would leave and sleep in our guest bedroom...NO FAIR! 

After reading every piece of literature I could find about toddler sleep problems, I tried something new.  We still make Allie go to bed in HER room in HER bed. However, I made Allie a little bed in our room on the floor, next to our bed.  Now when she comes into our room in the middle of the night, I tell her to lay down on the floor.  She does so and falls right back to sleep (99% of the time)!  We might have a roommate, but now EVERYONE is getting sleep.  And that is the only thing I care about!  She will eventually outgrow this separation anxiety thing, but until then Todd and I will have a little friend next to our bed.  Sometimes I wake up in the morning and there is no little body laying in the floor next to my bed...that calls for a little celebration on those mornings.


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