Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fun on the Islands

Our first stop on the cruise was Labadee, Haiti.  This was Royal Caribbean's private island.  We arrived bright and early on Monday morning and we could see the island from our room.  Mostly all the activities in Labadee involved the beach so we packed up our beach gear and headed for the sand.

Lounge chairs awaited our arrival.  Allie spent half of her time playing in the sand...not the ocean...but the sand.  She loved to order Todd, Nana and I around to fill up her bucket with water from the ocean, which she then proceeded to scoop sand with her purple shovel into the water until the whole bucket was filled with wet sand.  Then she would dump it all out and order us to get new water so she could do it all over again.

The other half of her time, Allie spent at the sprinkler park.  There were water fountains and buckets that dumped water out.  Allie became brave enough to stand under the buckets...but just far enough away so the water didn't dump completely on her head.

There were a few shops to visit...I just had to get our traditional vacation ornament for Haiti.  I found a fun fish ornament for the Christmas tree and I also picked up these fun maracas for Allie girl  The guy wanted $20 for them!!!  I talked him down to $6!  Go me!

The very next day (Tuesday) we arrived at Falmouth, Jamaica.  We didn't book any excursions because everything was so FAR AWAY.  The last time Todd and I were here we climbed Dunes River Falls.  I would have LOVED to do that again, however it was a 2 hour drive to get there and climbing a waterfall was just something my body is not capable of doing right now.  Boo. 

So instead, Todd, Papa, Allie and I just took a stroll around the HOT Jamaica craft market.  We browsed the souvenirs.  Allie found some really cool handmade Jamaican musical instruments.  She plopped right down and played with them.  I really wanted to buy her super cute handmade Jamaican dress...but I didn't.  Come to find out that Nana bought the exact same one I was looking at on her shopping excursion.  Good thing I didn't buy it! 

"What cool instruments!  I bet these can make a lot of noise"

Allie showing off the Jamaican ornament we purchased

On Thursday we docked at Cozumel, Mexico.  The last time Todd and I visited Cozumel we were with friends on a cruise and we went to Carlos and Charlie's Beach Resort for the day to hang at the beach and relax in the sun. Since we knew what to expect there, we decided to cab-it over there again for a beach morning with Allie.  There were all kinds of water activities to do...parasailing being one.  I was really looking forward to parasailing when we booked this trip.  Bummer I couldn't go...maybe next time!

Allie enjoyed the beach once again.  She even got into the water this time to play.  She had so much fun jumping in the waves with Todd and I.  We ordered some nachos...just cheese...we figured we couldn't really go wrong with that.  I REALLY wanted some sort of blended frozen some-or-other...but decided against it because it would have been made with ice...and I didn't want to drink any of the water!  It was super HOT and I spent most of my time in the ocean.  I couldn't handle the HEAT!

When our vacation ended...I was pretty sad.  I know some were happy to get back home to regular life...but I liked taking my naps every day, having all my meals made for me, lounging at the pool or beach daily, and not having to worry about all of life's responsibilities. 
I sure will miss having 30 thousand options for breakfast and lunch (even though it all started to look the same by day 7).  Our time on the ship and on the islands will be remembered forever.  Allie will one day look back on these photos and see what a lucky little girls she was to travel to so many new countries as a toddler.

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