Sunday, May 26, 2013

Room Revamp

Allie's baby nursery is slowly changing into a big girl room (tear).  A room for a growing little girl that will be her room for many years to come.

A couple months ago after a doctor visit for a cold, Allie's pediatrician informed us that with a baby on the way we should probably convert her crib into a toddler bed sooner rather than later. Even though Allie wasn't trying to climb out, Todd quickly jumped on the idea...the front of the crib was removed and the toddler rail went on. Whaa-laa...instant big girl bed.  A big girl bed that will still one day change into a daybed and then a full size bed for Allie.

A month or so ago Todd and I took the rocker out of Allie's room.  We decided that it would be more financially sound to put it in the new baby's room vs. buying another one.  What really made us move it sooner rather than later was the GIANT PINK BEANBAG a friend of mine gave Allie.  The GIANT BEANBAG barely fit into my car and through Allie's doorway, but Todd squeezed and squashed until it went in (taking the cover off was no fun in the least...what a GIANT pain in the butt!)  Allie's new beanbag fills up her room nicely and she LOVES it.  I have to say it is pretty comfy too for our nightly ritual of story book reading.

Last week another change happened in Allie's room.  We removed the changing pad since it hadn't been used up on the dresser in who knows how long.  Big Girl Allie now can dress herself, socks and all.  Her dresser looks more like a real bedroom dresser with her jewelry box from Papa Ray, piggy bank and other knick knacks.  Todd put the extra shelf up that's been laying under her bed since the furniture was delivered.

This weekend I decided Allie needed a little closet makeover...I was actually feeling a little guilty because Allie's soon to be brother is probably going to get more pieces of furniture that she has.  The way her room is laid out, it is just not conducive to having more that we bought.  There simply isn't enough wall space...the closet and window take up two whole walls which doesn't leave a lot of room on the other two walls for much more.  With Allie being the fashion diva she is, she needs a little more space for some of her clothes, toys, shoes...whatever she decides to put on her new shelf.  This shelf fits perfectly on one side of her closet and still allows for hanging clothes above it...when the day comes (her other side is filled with her clothes now).


Long gone is the mobile Allie used to stare at before drifting off to sleep. Bye, bye to the crib of many comfy sleepy nights. Toodles rocking chair where I spent many, many nights rocking and nursing my Allie baby. See you later changing pad...I'm kinda glad that is gone along with all the stinky diapers that came with it. 

My baby girl's baby room has transformed into a toddler's room...and it will never be the same. I will always have the memories and photos to remind me of those precious days. When I think back of Allie's baby room, I instantly envision rocking my baby Allie before bed and singing a song I made up one night...a song she now has memorized...and asks me to sing it every night. 

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