Sunday, May 5, 2013

Potty Training Update

Almost ONE WHOLE MONTH has gone by since the day potty training began in the Hammerick House.  I'm so extremely proud of this little girl.  She has been one consistent little trooper and has had only a few accidents.  Allie lets us know when she needs to go potty (or poopy, lol).  At times Todd and I catch her doing the potty dance and have to ask if she needs to go.  She USUALLY will willingly say "yes" and go...if she is having too much fun it will take some convincing and a lots of promises that we will continue doing whatever we are doing as soon as she goes.  Little one doesn't want to miss out on anything fun.

Allie's pediatrician told us to let her know when she consistently uses the potty.  At Allie's two-year check up Dr. Economy gave Allie a little pep talk about the potty.  I let her know when Allie had the potty thing down and a few short days later Allie received a letter in the mail from the doctor...along with lots of stickers!!!  Stickers that Allie immediately peeled off and stuck all over her shirt...every single one of them.

Check out Allie's shirt full of STICKERS!

The Potty Fairy made a little visit to Nana's house too and left Allie some goodies because she was doing such a great job!  The Potty Fairy left Allie a new purse, hat and some yummy treats.

Note from the Potty Fairy and Doctor Economy

Another milestone for this little Hammerick.  Allie is so grown up now...and looks so much more grown up with out the puffy, bubble butt that her diapers created.  Maybe our wallets will grow out a little now???  ...with all the money we will save on diapers!

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