Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Little Miss Chatterbox

Whoever told me to enjoy it because it goes by too fast...was RIGHT!  Life as a mommy is ZOOMING by.  It really takes an effort for me to remember Allie's newborn days...the sleepless night, feedings every three hours, pure exhaustion.  I try to remember all the baby stuff we had scattered throughout the house...the swings, pack n play, bouncy seat, Bumbo, bottles and play mats.  These times feel like forever ago.  We've definitely graduated to toddler-ville around here with our potty seats, step stools, and big girl toys.  I can vaguely recall my sweet 4 month old learning to sit and coo.  The crawling and rolling days seem like an eon ago. 

As the days and weeks go by...I wonder where it all went too.  I feel like we are so caught up in the moment of what is happening right now, that I'm so afraid that I'll forget something new and cute Allie will do for the first time.  I don't ever want to forget her first smile, her first word, her first bite of food.  There are so many firsts that happen in her lifetime that it is impossible to remember each and every one. 

Lately Allie has been saying the cutest phrases.  Todd and I noticed early on that Allie was VERY verbal. At around a year she was saying words and phrases. When she hit 18 months, complete sentences started coming out of her mouth that we could fully understand. We knew what she wanted.  We knew what was wrong and could help her. She could tell us what she wanted to eat and when she wanted something different..."I want somping else."  She still whines at times...ok often...when she doesn't get her way or is frustrated...that's normal, right?).

Allie is the funniest kid.  She always has something sweet, funny or silly to say.  Something new is always coming out of her mouth...I don't want to forget any of it! 

"I no cry when I see the Easter Bunny.  I like him. Not like Santa."

Mommy's iPhone..."I show you."

Mommy's iPhone..."I need see what time is it."

When it comes to brushing her teeth, completing a puzzle, or anything to do with a phone..."I do myself,"

When Allie doesn't want what is for dinner..."I'm full."

Me - "Allie, where does poop go?"
Allie- "In the potty."
Me - "Why don't you put your poop in the potty?"
Allie - "I'm too busy"
Me - "You're not too busy!"
Allie - "I are!"

"We like rabioli (ravioli)"

Me - "How much does Mommy and Daddy love you?"
Allie - "23!"

Me - "What city do we live in?"
Allie - "Nobi"

Allie - "Do you want to see me frustrated?"

When Daddy plays rough - "Whoa, be careful!"

Me - "Allie, you need to hurry up."
Allie - "You need to be patient."

Me - "Allie, you are so (helpful)."
Allie - "Yeah I am!"

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