Wednesday, May 22, 2013

If The Shoe Fits...

Typical morning at the Hammerick house...

Todd gets up super early and leaves the house usually by 6:00 am. If I'm lucky, I sleep in till about 7:00. Some mornings I do wake up earlier and hope to get a little workout in before Allie rises. If she does get up before my workout is over, I spend half of my time doing squats with her in my arms, or running to the bathroom because she needs to go potty, or trying to use every trick in the book to keep her occupied while I just get in a few more reps of something!

Then it's off to get cleaned up and an attempt is usually made to find something decent to wear to school. My belly had really popped lately and I have an extremely hard time finding anything that fits and looks halfway decent. Allie looks much cuter everyday than I do!  My regular clothes obviously don't fit anymore and my maternity clothes are still big on me. Not to mention that when I was pregnant with Allie at this time, it was summer and I just wore sweats or dresses for the most part. No worries about what to wear to work everyday. So while I walk into my closet FULL of clothes that I can't wear, I usually pull out the workout pants and tank tops...because i can still squeeze into them. Thanks goodness the dress code at my school is really lax!

This morning however I decided to put some effort into my outfit. If I'm not wearing gym shoes I'm usually wearing flip flops. But today, I pulled out these brand new, adorably-cute, leopard flats that I was sure going to get a few good compliments at school.  

My brand new super cute, totally stylish finishing touch to my fabulous outfit stayed on my feet for a total of FIVE seconds before I pulled them off to relieve the pain my poor toes were feeling being scrunched into them. 
Apparently my belly isn't the only thing feet are too. On went the boring 'ol flip flops my prego feet are used to. Sorry brand new, super cute, leopard flats I have yet to wear. Maybe sometime next spring I'll get to wear you. That is...if my feet shrink back down to their normal size again. Until then...Allie gets to play dress up with you...and ALL the other shoes she pulls off my shoe rack and prances around in.

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