Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Scary Morning

On occasion Allie and I will have a quick bowl or cereal in the morning before we leave for school and daycare.  Usually it's me scarfing down my breakfast and Allie stealing my spoon to eat it for me.  While "sharing" our cereal this morning Allie and I decided to call Todd and have a little chat before scooting out the door.

After a quick "hello" Todd asks us if we were watching the news.  My response..."No, who has time to watch the news in the morning?"  He then goes on to tell me the BOMB SQUAD is out HIS building because there was a suspicious package in the bushes and they had video footage of some dude tossing it there and running away.  He also can't leave because he should take shelter INSIDE the building, the building is in lockdown (the building where the package with the bomb could go off at any minute).  At that very moment Allie hangs up (go figure).  My heart sink...mainly because I have no idea what is going on and I have to leave right NOW. 

I spent my 10 minute drive to daycare hiding my emotion from Allie in the backseat.  She's chatting away about all the school buses we pass as crazy, over exaggerated thoughts consume my mind.  I envision being in the hospital having this baby BY MYSELF.  I imagine having to name this baby TODD after his deceased father.  I picture the twin towers collapse into a pile a dust and rubble. 

Looking back on this morning I KNOW I probably made a mountain out of a molehill.  I'm pregnant and I JUST found out I'm having a BOY.  I have a lot of extra hormones going on here.  Crazy thoughts were running circles around me.  The package was detonated and all was safe and clear (nothing harmful inside).  It took me a good 30 minutes to calm down and recollect my emotions, and return to work. 

This experience has made me really appreciate Todd and my family.  I'm so thankful this was just a SCARE and all is well.  When Todd and I made the decision for him to accept this new career, I knew I'd have at least one very scary day in my future.  I'm so very thankful that we were BOTH back home when the Boston Marathon Bombing occurred last week, because those five days would have been very LONG for Allie and I.  The question many more scary days will we experience?

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