Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Baptismal Birthday

Every kiddo celebrates a birthday each year...but some get to celebrate TWO!  Today was the day Allie was baptized, two years ago...the day Allie became part of God's family.  We celebrated Allie baptismal birthday this evening as a family. 

Allie and I first pulled out all of her baptismal memorabilia...booties, photos, candle, bonnet.  We decorated our table with all that we found.

Before dinner, Todd lit the candle and Allie blew it out...twice (Allie insisted).  I then said the baptismal prayer.

Celebrations are just not celebrations without presents and ice cream.  Todd and I got Allie a special gift we thought would come in VERY handy these days.  It was a roll-up, take-along bed/pillow/blanket.  It's the perfect thing to put in OUR bedroom on the floor so when and IF Allie wakes up in the middle of the night, she can snuggle up close to mom and dad...yet NOT in our bed!  Allie loved it! Then, we made a trip to Dairy Queen for the perfect ending to Allie's baptismal birthday!

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