Monday, May 27, 2013

Parade Fun

Memorial Day = PARADE!  Fun times were had by all.  Allie liked the fire trucks best of all...and the dog that sat next to us for a little bit at the parade.  What can I say?  Allie loves dogs.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Room Revamp

Allie's baby nursery is slowly changing into a big girl room (tear).  A room for a growing little girl that will be her room for many years to come.

A couple months ago after a doctor visit for a cold, Allie's pediatrician informed us that with a baby on the way we should probably convert her crib into a toddler bed sooner rather than later. Even though Allie wasn't trying to climb out, Todd quickly jumped on the idea...the front of the crib was removed and the toddler rail went on. Whaa-laa...instant big girl bed.  A big girl bed that will still one day change into a daybed and then a full size bed for Allie.

A month or so ago Todd and I took the rocker out of Allie's room.  We decided that it would be more financially sound to put it in the new baby's room vs. buying another one.  What really made us move it sooner rather than later was the GIANT PINK BEANBAG a friend of mine gave Allie.  The GIANT BEANBAG barely fit into my car and through Allie's doorway, but Todd squeezed and squashed until it went in (taking the cover off was no fun in the least...what a GIANT pain in the butt!)  Allie's new beanbag fills up her room nicely and she LOVES it.  I have to say it is pretty comfy too for our nightly ritual of story book reading.

Last week another change happened in Allie's room.  We removed the changing pad since it hadn't been used up on the dresser in who knows how long.  Big Girl Allie now can dress herself, socks and all.  Her dresser looks more like a real bedroom dresser with her jewelry box from Papa Ray, piggy bank and other knick knacks.  Todd put the extra shelf up that's been laying under her bed since the furniture was delivered.

This weekend I decided Allie needed a little closet makeover...I was actually feeling a little guilty because Allie's soon to be brother is probably going to get more pieces of furniture that she has.  The way her room is laid out, it is just not conducive to having more that we bought.  There simply isn't enough wall space...the closet and window take up two whole walls which doesn't leave a lot of room on the other two walls for much more.  With Allie being the fashion diva she is, she needs a little more space for some of her clothes, toys, shoes...whatever she decides to put on her new shelf.  This shelf fits perfectly on one side of her closet and still allows for hanging clothes above it...when the day comes (her other side is filled with her clothes now).


Long gone is the mobile Allie used to stare at before drifting off to sleep. Bye, bye to the crib of many comfy sleepy nights. Toodles rocking chair where I spent many, many nights rocking and nursing my Allie baby. See you later changing pad...I'm kinda glad that is gone along with all the stinky diapers that came with it. 

My baby girl's baby room has transformed into a toddler's room...and it will never be the same. I will always have the memories and photos to remind me of those precious days. When I think back of Allie's baby room, I instantly envision rocking my baby Allie before bed and singing a song I made up one night...a song she now has memorized...and asks me to sing it every night. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Little Miss Chatterbox

Whoever told me to enjoy it because it goes by too fast...was RIGHT!  Life as a mommy is ZOOMING by.  It really takes an effort for me to remember Allie's newborn days...the sleepless night, feedings every three hours, pure exhaustion.  I try to remember all the baby stuff we had scattered throughout the house...the swings, pack n play, bouncy seat, Bumbo, bottles and play mats.  These times feel like forever ago.  We've definitely graduated to toddler-ville around here with our potty seats, step stools, and big girl toys.  I can vaguely recall my sweet 4 month old learning to sit and coo.  The crawling and rolling days seem like an eon ago. 

As the days and weeks go by...I wonder where it all went too.  I feel like we are so caught up in the moment of what is happening right now, that I'm so afraid that I'll forget something new and cute Allie will do for the first time.  I don't ever want to forget her first smile, her first word, her first bite of food.  There are so many firsts that happen in her lifetime that it is impossible to remember each and every one. 

Lately Allie has been saying the cutest phrases.  Todd and I noticed early on that Allie was VERY verbal. At around a year she was saying words and phrases. When she hit 18 months, complete sentences started coming out of her mouth that we could fully understand. We knew what she wanted.  We knew what was wrong and could help her. She could tell us what she wanted to eat and when she wanted something different..."I want somping else."  She still whines at times...ok often...when she doesn't get her way or is frustrated...that's normal, right?).

Allie is the funniest kid.  She always has something sweet, funny or silly to say.  Something new is always coming out of her mouth...I don't want to forget any of it! 

"I no cry when I see the Easter Bunny.  I like him. Not like Santa."

Mommy's iPhone..."I show you."

Mommy's iPhone..."I need see what time is it."

When it comes to brushing her teeth, completing a puzzle, or anything to do with a phone..."I do myself,"

When Allie doesn't want what is for dinner..."I'm full."

Me - "Allie, where does poop go?"
Allie- "In the potty."
Me - "Why don't you put your poop in the potty?"
Allie - "I'm too busy"
Me - "You're not too busy!"
Allie - "I are!"

"We like rabioli (ravioli)"

Me - "How much does Mommy and Daddy love you?"
Allie - "23!"

Me - "What city do we live in?"
Allie - "Nobi"

Allie - "Do you want to see me frustrated?"

When Daddy plays rough - "Whoa, be careful!"

Me - "Allie, you need to hurry up."
Allie - "You need to be patient."

Me - "Allie, you are so (helpful)."
Allie - "Yeah I am!"

If The Shoe Fits...

Typical morning at the Hammerick house...

Todd gets up super early and leaves the house usually by 6:00 am. If I'm lucky, I sleep in till about 7:00. Some mornings I do wake up earlier and hope to get a little workout in before Allie rises. If she does get up before my workout is over, I spend half of my time doing squats with her in my arms, or running to the bathroom because she needs to go potty, or trying to use every trick in the book to keep her occupied while I just get in a few more reps of something!

Then it's off to get cleaned up and an attempt is usually made to find something decent to wear to school. My belly had really popped lately and I have an extremely hard time finding anything that fits and looks halfway decent. Allie looks much cuter everyday than I do!  My regular clothes obviously don't fit anymore and my maternity clothes are still big on me. Not to mention that when I was pregnant with Allie at this time, it was summer and I just wore sweats or dresses for the most part. No worries about what to wear to work everyday. So while I walk into my closet FULL of clothes that I can't wear, I usually pull out the workout pants and tank tops...because i can still squeeze into them. Thanks goodness the dress code at my school is really lax!

This morning however I decided to put some effort into my outfit. If I'm not wearing gym shoes I'm usually wearing flip flops. But today, I pulled out these brand new, adorably-cute, leopard flats that I was sure going to get a few good compliments at school.  

My brand new super cute, totally stylish finishing touch to my fabulous outfit stayed on my feet for a total of FIVE seconds before I pulled them off to relieve the pain my poor toes were feeling being scrunched into them. 
Apparently my belly isn't the only thing feet are too. On went the boring 'ol flip flops my prego feet are used to. Sorry brand new, super cute, leopard flats I have yet to wear. Maybe sometime next spring I'll get to wear you. That is...if my feet shrink back down to their normal size again. Until then...Allie gets to play dress up with you...and ALL the other shoes she pulls off my shoe rack and prances around in.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Baptismal Birthday

Every kiddo celebrates a birthday each year...but some get to celebrate TWO!  Today was the day Allie was baptized, two years ago...the day Allie became part of God's family.  We celebrated Allie baptismal birthday this evening as a family. 

Allie and I first pulled out all of her baptismal memorabilia...booties, photos, candle, bonnet.  We decorated our table with all that we found.

Before dinner, Todd lit the candle and Allie blew it out...twice (Allie insisted).  I then said the baptismal prayer.

Celebrations are just not celebrations without presents and ice cream.  Todd and I got Allie a special gift we thought would come in VERY handy these days.  It was a roll-up, take-along bed/pillow/blanket.  It's the perfect thing to put in OUR bedroom on the floor so when and IF Allie wakes up in the middle of the night, she can snuggle up close to mom and dad...yet NOT in our bed!  Allie loved it! Then, we made a trip to Dairy Queen for the perfect ending to Allie's baptismal birthday!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fifth Month of Pregnancy

Weight Gain?  9 pounds

Sleep?  Nothing new.  I'm exhausted...pretty much all the time.  This probably has to do with having to take care of Allie.  I think I would be exhausted if I weren't pregnant chasing after Allie. 

Movement?  YES!  Lots of little kicks and jerks.  It's nice to feel just to know HE is still hanging out in and sound.

Food Cravings?  Nothing really.  I do wake up in the middle of the night and I'm STARVING. I remember this with Allie...I'm just way too lazy to get up out of bed and get anything to eat at 2:00 am. 

What's Making Me Queasy?  Nothing now.  Thank goodness!!!

Symptoms? Some pains and cramps from my growing belly.  Mostly from having to pick up a running toward the street or having a tantrum in the store two-year old.  Did I mention I'm also exhausted?

Mood?   Mostly in a good mood...except when I'm super tired.

Looking Forward to...  Getting the new nursery decorated and having it DONE!  I don't have as much free time as I did the last go around so I'm kind of wishing someone would just do it all for me.  Shopping for furniture and bedding is time consuming, especially when Allie is running around the store pulling EVERYTHING off the shelves to have a look too.

Best Moment of the Month?  Our gender reveal photo shoot!  It was so much fun and quite the surprise to find out we were having a boy...and being able to catch the whole thing on camera with the flight of BLUE balloons.  Thanks Denise of photographing us (and getting our box filled with balloons).  Thanks Todd for agreeing to the whole thing.  It was the best!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Potty Training Update

Almost ONE WHOLE MONTH has gone by since the day potty training began in the Hammerick House.  I'm so extremely proud of this little girl.  She has been one consistent little trooper and has had only a few accidents.  Allie lets us know when she needs to go potty (or poopy, lol).  At times Todd and I catch her doing the potty dance and have to ask if she needs to go.  She USUALLY will willingly say "yes" and go...if she is having too much fun it will take some convincing and a lots of promises that we will continue doing whatever we are doing as soon as she goes.  Little one doesn't want to miss out on anything fun.

Allie's pediatrician told us to let her know when she consistently uses the potty.  At Allie's two-year check up Dr. Economy gave Allie a little pep talk about the potty.  I let her know when Allie had the potty thing down and a few short days later Allie received a letter in the mail from the doctor...along with lots of stickers!!!  Stickers that Allie immediately peeled off and stuck all over her shirt...every single one of them.

Check out Allie's shirt full of STICKERS!

The Potty Fairy made a little visit to Nana's house too and left Allie some goodies because she was doing such a great job!  The Potty Fairy left Allie a new purse, hat and some yummy treats.

Note from the Potty Fairy and Doctor Economy

Another milestone for this little Hammerick.  Allie is so grown up now...and looks so much more grown up with out the puffy, bubble butt that her diapers created.  Maybe our wallets will grow out a little now???  ...with all the money we will save on diapers!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Scary Morning

On occasion Allie and I will have a quick bowl or cereal in the morning before we leave for school and daycare.  Usually it's me scarfing down my breakfast and Allie stealing my spoon to eat it for me.  While "sharing" our cereal this morning Allie and I decided to call Todd and have a little chat before scooting out the door.

After a quick "hello" Todd asks us if we were watching the news.  My response..."No, who has time to watch the news in the morning?"  He then goes on to tell me the BOMB SQUAD is out HIS building because there was a suspicious package in the bushes and they had video footage of some dude tossing it there and running away.  He also can't leave because he should take shelter INSIDE the building, the building is in lockdown (the building where the package with the bomb could go off at any minute).  At that very moment Allie hangs up (go figure).  My heart sink...mainly because I have no idea what is going on and I have to leave right NOW. 

I spent my 10 minute drive to daycare hiding my emotion from Allie in the backseat.  She's chatting away about all the school buses we pass as crazy, over exaggerated thoughts consume my mind.  I envision being in the hospital having this baby BY MYSELF.  I imagine having to name this baby TODD after his deceased father.  I picture the twin towers collapse into a pile a dust and rubble. 

Looking back on this morning I KNOW I probably made a mountain out of a molehill.  I'm pregnant and I JUST found out I'm having a BOY.  I have a lot of extra hormones going on here.  Crazy thoughts were running circles around me.  The package was detonated and all was safe and clear (nothing harmful inside).  It took me a good 30 minutes to calm down and recollect my emotions, and return to work. 

This experience has made me really appreciate Todd and my family.  I'm so thankful this was just a SCARE and all is well.  When Todd and I made the decision for him to accept this new career, I knew I'd have at least one very scary day in my future.  I'm so very thankful that we were BOTH back home when the Boston Marathon Bombing occurred last week, because those five days would have been very LONG for Allie and I.  The question many more scary days will we experience?