Thursday, April 18, 2013

Potty Training 101

SPRING BREAK has arrived...aka: POTTY TRAINING my Allie girl!  I've been talking it up with Allie that if she goes on the potty, the Potty Fairy comes to our house for a visit and will leave her some goodies (just like the Binky Fairy did when Allie hung up her binky on the binky tree).  Allie's been sitting on the potty on and off since she was 18 months old.  Sometimes she would go, most often, NOT.  She can talk about the potty and what you should do there, goes off by herself to do her business (usually in the closet) and then will tell someone she needs to be changed, and will sit for as long as you would like on the potty as long as you are reading a book or two...or ten. 

Very first day of spring break (Saturday): Allie said she needed to go Todd and I put her on the potty and whaaa-laaa!  Poop in the potty!  With the all the signs Allie was showing, I figured it was NOW or SUMMER (because we all know I'm not going to potty train while I'm working).  Later in the day the POTTY FAIRY came by when Allie wasn't looking and left a big SURPRISE for her in her bathroom...right in her pink potty!

The Potty Fairy dropped by to leave a special surprise for Allie in her potty! 
Lots of potty books, big girl panties, snacks, candy and JUICE (to make Allie go potty)!
The Potty Fairy also left a bunch of gifts on the counter for Allie to for each time she went potty.

Allie tested our her new Hello Kitty, big girl undies right away while reading her new Elmo coloring book and sitting on her JACK POTTY (don't ask...a FREE potty from Nana's's FREE!)  It lights up and talks and lets everyone know when Allie goes!

Day two (Easter): Easter Sunday was spent mostly on the potty.  The timer was set for every 20 minutes.  Allie liked to set the time on my phone and I even gave her my phone to play with while hang'n out on the potty.  Whatever keeps her there and keeps her happy was fine with me.  Allie had LOTS of accidents.  She cried every time she did and wanted it cleaned up right away.  Todd and I caught her a few time and threw her on the potty.  She NEVER told us she needed to go.  It was ALWAYS a mad dash to see how fast we could get her there as she left a little trail all over the floor.  Todd was peed on.  I was peed on.  Allie was peed on.  The whole house was peed all OVER.  I was starting to think..."Why didn't I wait until summer???"

Day three (Monday): Allie and I stayed at home ALL day!  I set up potty camp in the living room.  I pulled out our tray table that was buried under our bed.  It was the perfect thing for Allie and she LOVED it.  I filled it with play dough, markers, coloring books, snacks, and JUICE!  Allie was happy to sit on her potty for a bit (when the timer when off) and play.  Once again...Allie NEVER told me when she needed to go.  It was always me catching her in mid pee and plopping her down.  Halfway through the day she started refusing to sit when the timer when off.  No matter how many M&M's I bribed her with...NO WAY, was she going to sit.  Even in mid pee...I'd scoop her up and TRY to plop her on the potty AS SHE ARCHED HER BACK AND REFUSED TO SIT!  It was awful!  Why am I wasting my spring break hanging out on the potty hour after hour?  Allie was peed on.  I was peed on.  The whole house was peed on...AGAIN!

Day four (Tuesday):  Today was started by Allie standing naked from the waste down outside of my shower crying and peeing all over the bathroom rug...the potty was a FOOT away...a helpless me yelled from the shower, "Go sit on the potty!"  Allie cried, "Mama, clean it up."  I'm giving up!  DONE.  We will try again in the summer.  It's too early.  She's not ready! 

I put a Pull-Up on Allie and out of the house we went after being cooped up for far too long.  To a friend's house for a play date.  After arriving, Allie clung to me for dear life (so unlike her).  I FINALLY asked her if she needed to go potty and she said YES!  Wait, WHAT?  Ok!  Let's go!!!  Allie sat on the regular toilet and did her thing!  No tears.  No screaming.  No problem.  Everyone cheered for Allie!!!  Hooray!  It turned out that Allie asked to go potty SIX times while we were at Erin's house...and she went every SINGLE TIME!  Go ALLIE!

Day five through fourteen (the rest of my spring break and some): Over the course of the next couple weeks, Allie had her ups and downs. We put Pull-Ups on her when we went out.  I know Pull-Ups are considered a big no, no!  But, I needed to get out and about and I'm not in the mood to deal with wet pants every 30 minutes.  Allie refused to go potty in a public bathroom (she is terrified of the loud FLUSH) I bought her a PINK Dora travel potty seat which we take everywhere we go.  It took her about a good two weeks before she would actually sit and go on it in public.  She likes using it more at home that when we are out.  Usually she will end up using it if I threaten to not do whatever it is we are doing until she goes, then Allie gets the job done PRONTO and we are all in and out of the bathroom in about TWO MINUTES FLAT!

Allie's potty chart.  Way to go!!!

Overall...potty training in my opinion was a miserable experience.  Probably because I'm pregnant and it's hard enough trying to take care of Allie while not potty training...let a lone trying to convince a screaming, crying, kicking, peeing in mid air Allie to just SIT ON THE POTTY!!!  After a LONG couple weeks, I am so VERY PROUD of how far she has come.  She now asked to go potty with me, Todd, Nana, and at day care too!  She is staying dry most of the day with one or NO accidents.  WOW!!!

My baby Allie is now my Hello Kitty underwear wearing big girl!  I guess she was ready...but just wanted to make Todd and I miserable for a short period of time.  I can't even remember how many times I was peed on, cleaned up peep off of the couch, floor, or carpet, or begged and pleaded with Allie to go on the potty.  But...after ALL WORKED!  Finally!!!

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  1. I feel your pain.I am potty training my son now and it is difficult.