Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Knock, Knock...You Still In There?

When I was pregnant with Allie I was pretty much paranoid the entire first 20 weeks because I couldn't feel any movement.  I didn't know if her little heart was still beating in there. So I did what all pregnant women do...I rented a hospital grade Doppler...that's what we all do, right???  For some piece of mind?  I kept it for two months and pretty much listened to Allie's precious tiny heartbeat everyday.

This go around was no different. I rented my Doppler and listening to this little one's teeny heartbeat...almost everyday.  When I listened, Allie got to listen too.  At first she didn't like the noise it made.  She thought it was scary.  But after a while, Allie liked when I got the Doppler out.  Because, just like every other electrical piece of equipment in our house...Allie needed to get her little hands on it too.

Allie says she's listening to her baby in her belly too.  Today she found a little bottle of lotion in the closet, put some on her stomach, sat down in the middle of my bathroom, and listened to the baby in her belly.  This time around I decided to only keep the Doppler a month.  It was only $22 to rent each month, but little kicks and flutters and becoming more and more common now.  There's going to be one sad little Allie girl when this thing gets dropped off at UPS.

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