Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fourth Month of Pregnancy

Weight Gain?  6 pounds

Sleep?  I know I have a very LONG way to go...but I'm already uncomfortable.  I can't sleep on my back at all and I usually have to shove a pillow under my belly when I lay on my side.  I'm not even showing hardly.  It's going to be so much worse!

Movement?  Nope!

Food Cravings?  Salad, salad...and more salad. I stocked up my fridge in salad veggies and bought three kinds of new salad dressings...yummmm-o!

What's Making Me Queasy?  Coffee still doesn't sound good to me.  This month meat kind of turned me off. 

Symptoms? Headaches.  I would usually get one near the end of the school day...and it would last all night...sometimes even through the night (I'd notice when I was up two or three times in the middle of the night to pee).  Tylenol could only do so much.

Mood?   Still tired...but mostly in a good mood...mostly.

Looking Forward to...  SPRING and SUMMER!  Since I can't workout (now that I'm feeling up to it) as hardcore as I usually do, I'd really love it if I could take a walk...and not FREEZE my buns off!  The groundhog was definitely WRONG this year.  Spring is NOT here!  I just want to take Allie in a walk with the stroller outside to get SOME bit of exercise.  My workout videos are ok...but I just feel like a big wimp doing everything so low key.

Best Moment of the Month?  Letting everyone know we are expecting!  I bought Allie an adorable BIG SISTER shirt for her to wear on a couple play dates and to her daycare to let everyone know.  It was funny how fast some saw it and how long it took others, lol. 

Soon to be, big sissy Allie

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