Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blue or Pink???

Blue or Pink...what do you think?  We've been waiting a few LONG months now to find out if Allie will be a big sissy to a little sister or brother.  I've been feeling the same as I did when I was pregnant with my Allie girl...so I was leaning more towards a girl.  Todd was convinced that another sweet baby girl would be joining our family.  He was SURE he was going to be out numbered. 

Gender reveal parties are the newest maternity trend.  I kinda, sorta wanted to have one...what a fun themed party to host!  BUT...the last thing I wanted to do was make my busy friends feel obligated to come to another party and spend their money on a gift (let's be honest).  Soooo....the next best thing...have a gender reveal photo shoot!  I wanted to find out if this soon to be bundle of joy was a boy or girl in a super, fun way AND I wanted to make our announcement in a unique way, as well.  Todd said it's not normal...he doesn't know how lucky he is to have such a FUN, COOL wife to do these things with!

Yesterday I went to my BIG ULTRASOUND appointment and told the ultrasound tech to not share just yet what the gender was.  She wrote down the secret words, folded them up, and sealed them in an envelope.  I used every bit of my willpower to not peek inside.  The envelope sat in my purse for a good 16 hours, UNTOUCHED! 

Today, I gave the envelope and my fancy-schmancy, big, fun box I made to Denise who was going to capture our exciting moment on camera.  Off she went to Party City (she probably opened the envelope before she even left...she was super excited to find out).  The box was filled with the appropriate colored balloons awaiting their flight into the world.

Ahhhh!  The moment we have been waiting for...BOY or GIRL!?!?!  We ripped off the tape (Allie helped too)...

I was looking for PINK!  And a big disappointed TODD...but instead we got THIS!!!  Check out his super big, ginormous SMILE!

This little girl is going to be a BIG sister to a new baby BOY!!!  Allie...you don't know what's coming!

If you would have asked me 10-20 years ago how many kids I wanted...I would have told you TWO...a girl AND a boy.  After having Allie, I was very content in my GIRLIE world with dresses, hair bows, and tutus.  I know how to take care of girl.  I know how to relate to a girl.  I know how to snuggle and cuddle and love a girl.  Yes, it would have been a LOT easier with another girl.  No need for new clothes because we HAVE everything already.  Everything we have that's PINK would still get put to good use. 

But, seeing the look on Todd's face proves to me that the Hammerick family is in need of a BOY...someone who will carry on the Hammerick name.  Someone who will play baseball, basketball, football...and those BOY sports with his daddy.  At least now my Allie can be the CHEERLEADER or DANCER or GYMNAST that her mamma would like her to be....hopefully, lol.  All my friends with boys...start passing along those boy clothes!

I'm not ready for a boy...but, I guess I will have to adjust.  Because in about 20 weeks...ready or not...here HE comes!

Baby BOY bump at 18 weeks!

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