Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Day Out With Thomas

Allie is not a HUGE Thomas the Train fan...but what a fun way to spend a WARM Saturday morning.  Allie is always asking to go somewhere "special."  She likes to get out and do NEW things. to Greenfield Village we went to ride on Thomas!
 Within the first FIVE MINUTES of entering the village we saw Thomas chug on by us.  He tooted his horn pretty loud.  Allie doesn't like LOUD.  She immediately clung to my leg for dear life.  From that moment on, she was a little reluctant to ride on Thomas.  Todd and I managed to get her on the train, against her will.  After sitting down she kept telling us, "I'm all done.  I wanna get off."  We just told her we would get off when the ride was over. 

Once the train got going, Allie was fine.  She just didn't want Thomas to be loud, so we had to keep reassuring her that he wasn't loud anymore.  Our 20 minute ride was a success! However, she was very concerned where Nana a Papa went. 
Allie is looking a little unsure about this whole train ride
The one thing Allie LOVED at Greenfield Village was the old fashion cars.  She could have spent all day in there riding and playing. 

Thomas tattoos, ice cream and bubble fun topped off our fun day!  Thanks Nana and Papa for coming with us.  Allie liked her "somewhere special."

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