Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mini PI

Allie and I spend three days a week in the car together on my way to work and back.  Her day care is is on my direct route to school.  Every morning and afternoon...she never fails me.  Allie is our little Priviate Investigator.

Allie with her Home Depot apron on...on the way to the Kid's Workshop

Allie can make out every Lincoln MKZ, Honda CRV, Toyota Rav 4, or Chevy Impala...all of the vehicles of her dad, mom, Nana, and Papa Ray.  Whenever I pull up behind a familiar car Allie will ALWAYS say..."That's Daddy's car."  She amazes me.  It doesn't matter if the car is directly in front of us, two cars ahead of us, or on the corner...she knows who's car it is.  It's like she's a little detective.  She even likes to point out if the car is a different color than her Nana's or Papa Ray's..."That's a black Nana car."  Allie gets really excited when she sees my car out in the road...probably because they are few far and in car is only 10 years old!!! I have no idea how she knows these things...but it is her favorite thing to do whenever we are out and about in the car.

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