Thursday, March 28, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

"I like the Easter like Santa." what Allie said on the way to the see the Easter Bunny. This is too true...we all remember Allie's Santa photo this past Christmas...and the year before that, as well.  Papa Ray came over for the annual trip to the mall.  Allie had a couple practice runs before we dressed to the nine for our $22+ photo.  Allie decided this year she would sit next to the Easter Bunny on his bench, instead of on his lap.  Every time we visited the mall a couple weeks in advance, Allie practiced sitting on the bench NEXT to the Easter Bunny.  Along with last year...Allie wore a pink vintage dress (my pink vintage dress I wore when I was about her age).  She was as cute as ever!

Papa gave Allie a little pep talk before the BIG moment.  She was as calm as ever...UNTIL Todd sat Allie on the Easter Bunny's lap and Allie reached for safety.  I quickly reminded him that Allie wanted to sit on the bench...NOT on his lap. 

This year's photo...BIG SUCCESS!!!  Awesome job, Allie! 

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