Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gear'n Up for Easter

Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt!
Last weekend we all kicked off the spring season with an EASTER EGG HUNT!  Allie met Austin up at Novi City Hall for their annual Flashlight egg hunt.  Allie came equipped with her dad's special op's, federal grade flashlight...BUT...we really didn't need it because when Allie's age group hunted for eggs, it was still somewhat light out.

Allie and Austin both participated in the 2-5 age group.  After the whistle blew, the eggs were gone in about 10.5 seconds.  Allie managed to grab a couple...then Todd scooped her up and ran for more!

Go Team Hammerick...great job, team!
Back inside Allie and Austin posed for some funny, bunny photos.  There was hot chocolate, snow cones, and popcorn...and lots of candy from inside the eggs collected.  Allie sat next to the Easter Bunny for a quick mommy photo (mommy photo - FREE).  Good job, Allie!  



Today was BEAUTIFUL!!!!  ...55 degrees and sunny (that's beautiful considering the weather we've had lately).  We went to the Detroit Zoo for BUNNYVILLE...along with every other family in the Metro Detroit area.  The line was ridiculous to get in!

When we did manage to enter, we were equipped with a set of bunny ear, a pair of fun sunglasses and a cookie snack.  Off to see some animals!  A quick detour to the whisker painting station.  Now Allie really looks like a bunny!

Lots of animals to see...lions, giraffes, and monkeys were some of Allie's favorites!  Allie liked to talk about how the boy lion and the girl lion were chewing on their bone.

Sweet Ethan and Aunt Jess met up with us for some Bunnyville fun!  Todd and Allie took a ride with Ethan and Jessica on the carousel.  Allie willing rode on her horse...Ethan preferred to be held by his momma.


We are all ready for EASTER!!!  My sweet, sweet Allie bunny!

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