Sunday, March 24, 2013


While scrummaging around trying to find the perfect bow to match Allie's outfit, I quickly realized I needed a solution to my hair bow problem. Allie has a TON of hair bows and flowers...and probably will accumulate many more in the next few years if I have anything to do with it. Allie's bows are in about four different locations in her room. Trying to find a specific one in the morning when we are usually running late is a pain.

Allie's current bow holder I made when I put her room together...before she was born. But, it soon became full...quickly! I had no idea she would become such a little fashionista with so many hair accessories.  So, I decided to make another one this weekend!!!! Off to Michael's for the materials. I scored the poster frame for only $11! I already had the fabric and ribbon leftover from previous room decor projects.

This was so quick and easy to make. I cut my fabric to size...being careful to put the print down the center of the frame. I hot glued the fabric onto the frame backing.  Next, I cut the ribbon to size and hot glued three strips down the center evenly spaced.

Finally, I put the backing back into the frame and whaaaa-laaaa! It came out super cute!!! It matches her room perfectly and will fit many more hair bows and flowers to come in the future.

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