Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Little Love(s)

Valentine's Day started off like any other day...Todd going to work, me off to school, and Allie would have been dropped off at day care if she didn't come down with a fever the day before.  A quick trip to the doctor informed us that she had a virus...and luckily it only lasted 24 hours.  Allie spent her Valentine's Day hanging with Nana (thanks Nana for coming over!)  Valentine's evening, Allie was back to her normal self again.
I was a bit sad for Allie because she did miss I'm sure a fun day at Lynnie's filled with heart shaped treats and red and pink crafts.  But when I picked her up early the day before, I left her Goldfish Valentines (they were super cute...I totally forgot to take a picture of them) for her friends and we were given a bag filled with treats from her friends and an adorable Valentine crown she made.

Not only was Allie showered with love from her friends at Lynnie's, but she also received a Valentine card in the mail filled with money from Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe (thanks guys!!!) Nana and Papa gave Allie some M&M's and money too!  "Allie, what are you going to do with all this money?" I asked her..."Put it in my purse." she replied.

Todd and I gave Allie her Valentine goodies just before going to dinner with Austin, Uncle Mark, and Aunt Kat.  An Elmo Valentine book, bead necklaces, a Mickey Mouse Valentine coloring book, and a Mickey button to wear.

My sweetheart here has a really hard time taking a photo with the flash on.  She blinks every time!  We gave up after 5 tries.  Be Mine, Valentine!

This Valentine's day marks the first weekly photo for the belly growing pics.  I'm feeling quite AWFUL...nauseous and tired ALL DAY LONG.  I probably wasn't very lovable this Valentine's day...but we sure do love this little love bug in my belly.  I've gained a total of 3 whole pounds...mostly from eating the most UNHEALTHY food I can get my fingers on and not working out AT ALL!  NOTHING sound appetizing and all I want are fries and hamburgers...and that's about all I can managed to choke down.  The site of vegetables make me gag.  Hoping this first trimester goes by QUICKLY!

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