Friday, February 22, 2013

Big Girl Bed

It was about that time...time for this two-year-old to graduate from a crib to a toddler bed.  Out of the blue, Todd decided that it was now or never.  Last Saturday after Allie's nap, we found the toddler rail that we stashed away in the basement about three years ago.  When we bought Allie bedroom set I made sure to get ALL of the pieces to convert the crib into a toddler bed and later into a full size bed.  This set will stay with her until she graduates (hopefully)!
This huge milestone had to be documented with a few before and after photos.  Allie was happy to pose in front of her long as she got to take a few photos with my camera that probably weighs more than her afterwards.  I can't believe she won't be sleeping in her CRIB anymore (tear) baby is such a BIG GIRL!


The conversion was super quick and easy.  A few screws out and then back in again...Whaa-laa!  A very happy Allie tested out her new bed right away.  Allie climbed in and out a few dozen times...and had to be reminded that we don't jump on our bed.

At bedtime, Allie was all ready to go to bed for the first time in her big girl bed.  Todd and I were fully prepared to have a little visitor at some odd hour in the middle of the night.  It's been exactly one week and Allie has done wonderfully!  She goes to bed pretty well.  She still likes mom to lay outside her bedroom while she falls asleep.  Recently the view of my blanket in the hallway does the trick (while I lay comfortably in MY bed..ha, ha).  Just the sight of the blanket gives Allie the comfort of knowing mom is not too far away.  Sometimes it takes a few tries to get her to lay down...but she never gets out of her bed.  At night Allie occasionally wakes up and calls for us...but she never leaves her bed.

New bed...SUCCESS!  On to potty training.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Little Love(s)

Valentine's Day started off like any other day...Todd going to work, me off to school, and Allie would have been dropped off at day care if she didn't come down with a fever the day before.  A quick trip to the doctor informed us that she had a virus...and luckily it only lasted 24 hours.  Allie spent her Valentine's Day hanging with Nana (thanks Nana for coming over!)  Valentine's evening, Allie was back to her normal self again.
I was a bit sad for Allie because she did miss I'm sure a fun day at Lynnie's filled with heart shaped treats and red and pink crafts.  But when I picked her up early the day before, I left her Goldfish Valentines (they were super cute...I totally forgot to take a picture of them) for her friends and we were given a bag filled with treats from her friends and an adorable Valentine crown she made.

Not only was Allie showered with love from her friends at Lynnie's, but she also received a Valentine card in the mail filled with money from Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe (thanks guys!!!) Nana and Papa gave Allie some M&M's and money too!  "Allie, what are you going to do with all this money?" I asked her..."Put it in my purse." she replied.

Todd and I gave Allie her Valentine goodies just before going to dinner with Austin, Uncle Mark, and Aunt Kat.  An Elmo Valentine book, bead necklaces, a Mickey Mouse Valentine coloring book, and a Mickey button to wear.

My sweetheart here has a really hard time taking a photo with the flash on.  She blinks every time!  We gave up after 5 tries.  Be Mine, Valentine!

This Valentine's day marks the first weekly photo for the belly growing pics.  I'm feeling quite AWFUL...nauseous and tired ALL DAY LONG.  I probably wasn't very lovable this Valentine's day...but we sure do love this little love bug in my belly.  I've gained a total of 3 whole pounds...mostly from eating the most UNHEALTHY food I can get my fingers on and not working out AT ALL!  NOTHING sound appetizing and all I want are fries and hamburgers...and that's about all I can managed to choke down.  The site of vegetables make me gag.  Hoping this first trimester goes by QUICKLY!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Playroom Reveal

It's DONE!  It's FINALLY done!  It's time to reveal the Hammerick playroom (the only completed room in our newly remodeled basement...the rest still has lots of decorating that needs to happen).
It's a room where the imagination will soar...where creative minds will explore...a place to have fun, pretend, and make many memories.  A place to keep all of Allie's toys...instead of in our living room or spread all throughout our house.  A place to keep Allie occupied.
Entrance to the playroom

The number one thing we HAD to have was STORAGE!  Allie has already accumulated a TON of toys and we needed a good way to organize them all...and still have room to grow.  Ikea came to our rescue with these awesome cube shelves and Target with these super cute polk-a-dotted bins that happen to fit in the cubes perfectly.  The bins became my color inspiration for the whole room.

I really wanted to make a cute reading wall and found this really neat idea...on Pinterest...of course.  Frames were from Ikea (only $2) and so were the book racks.  I made the bunting and just LOVE how it came out!!!  I scanned some of our favorite story books and printed them off.  Whaaa-laa!

Art of some of our favorite stories and a place to store a few books.

When we were devising a plan for the playroom, I didn't want any wasted space.  We decided to finish under the stairs and make a little "fort" or "house" for Allie to play in.  I made these curtains from ribbon.  Behind them Allie has her doll bed and changing table she got from Santa this past Christmas, and all of her dress-up clothes. 

A big space in the playroom is taken up by Allie's trampoline she received from Nana and Papa as a Christmas gift.  She LOVES this thing and jumps on it EVERY day!  It holds up to 100 pounds...she'll get a lot of use out of it over the years.  It's a big hit when Allie's friends come over to play.

I made a felt board to hang on the wall.  So cheap and easy...$10 frame from Ikea and  inexpensive felt!  I ordered some different felt stories from Etsy that go along with familiar books we read.  We hung up a couple storage bins under the felt board to hold all the pieces.  I'm sure it will work out great...whenever they get here in the mail.

We HAD to have an egress window put in (city code when you finish a basement) and it happen to end up in the playroom.  It's really nice because it does let in a lot of light in there.  I made the valance for the window.  It serves no real purpose...but it sure does look really cute!!!

The Hammerick Fine Art Gallery!!!  Another cool find on Etsy!  It's simply sticky vinyl letters you stick on the wall.  The magnetic strips were also from Ikea.  Now we have a great space to display all of Allie's masterpieces she brings home from day care and school in the future...instead of plastered all over our fridge.  It will be a place she will be proud of all her art work.

This storage shelf separates the playroom from my craft area.  Back there I have my little space to do my crafts and let my imagination run wild...more pictures on that later...not done yet.

These bins are great to store all of the pieces of the many different toys we have.  I was so excited to have a place to store everything...but then we couldn't remember where we put it all.  So, I made labels for all the bins and now we can find whatever we are looking to play with.

A magnetic board for magnetic letters is a MUST!  Allie gets a lot of use of her board...I'll have to start practicing my reading recovery tricks on her pretty soon here.  I found a piece of magnetic metal at Home Depot and a perfect size poster frame from Target on CLEARANCE... SCORE!!!.  It didn't come in I painted it.  It's PERFECT!

I always imagined having a playroom in our finished basement...whenever that would happen.  I'm so pleased with how it came out.  I hope Allie appreciates all we did for her one day.  I know she'll get a least a good 10 - 12 years out of it and we are hoping that she's not the only one that will get to use it in the years to come. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

BIG, BIG News!!!

That's right!!! The Hammerick's are expecting!!! Surprise! It was a HUGE surprise for us as well. We had figured all hope was lost and we were ready to high tail it back to the fertility doctor. After a few days of feeling under the weather, super tired, and out of breath after I walked up the stairs... I started thinking something was up. But, after months and months of disappointment I denied myself of taking a pregnancy test because I couldn't stand the thought of being When I started falling asleep at my desk at school and the smell of coffee made me want to up chuck my dry Cheerios I choked down for breakfast...I figured I didn't have a choice.

While Todd was at bowling I scrummaged through our bathroom drawers looking for the only pregnancy test I had left (from before Allie was born). It came out positive...or at least I thought it was...I text a photo of the pregnancy test to two of my friends just to make sure I was reading it correctly. Then, Allie and I threw on our coats and took a little field trip to CVS. I came home and took two more...same results!!! Positive!!!

I couldn't wait for Todd to come home to share the news. He was in was I. This just doesn't happen to us. It never has. We feel very blessed and are so excited to give Allie a little brother or sister come September.

This is the first to MANY chalkboard photos to come.  Idea from blogs like Little Baby Garvin and Becoming the Barr's.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant I made a dash for the Salvation Army and bought the frame with some ugly poster in it that I threw away.  I bought self adhesive chalkboard vinyl and stuck it on...Whaaa-laa!  Instant chalkboard to track baby number 2's weekly progress.