Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking Back at 2013

As we say goodbye to 2013, I look back at our most memorable moments from the past 12 months...I'm feeling BLESSED, THANKFUL, EXCITED, AND PROUD!

We found out we were expecting a new little Hammerick this year!
Baby's first photo shoot
Allie traded in her crib for a big girl bed...
...and started visiting Todd and I in the middle of the night.

We announced to our friends and family that a new little Hammerick was joining our family!
Allie moved from our bed to the floor...when she visited us in the middle of the night.

Allie was potty trained.

We found out we were having a BOY! 
Allie got a new sleeping bag...to sleep on our floor...when she visits us in the middle of the night.


Allie took her 2nd cruise.

We had maternity photos taken...

...Allie met her cousins from California for the first time...
...and Allie learned to ride a tricycle.

We visited Amish country in Ohio...
...and we anxiously awaited the new addition to our family.

Ayden James was born...
...and our bed got even MORE crowded.

Baby's first Halloween.
Baby's first Thanksgiving.

Allie turned THREE...

...a little elf came to visit our family for the first time...
...and Ayden celebrated his first Christmas.
(AND Allie didn't cry when she visited Santa!  ...remember the last 2 years?)
Allie's sleep is IMPROVING...but not yet perfect.
(Absolutely NO liquids before bed!) 

This was a BIG year for our family with the addition of Ayden.  Todd and I have had our ups and downs this year, but we will always look back on 2013 with love and joy...and a little bit of sleep deprivation.  Here's to looking forward to getting MUCH more sleep in 2014!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Ayden's Nursery

I'll admit it...Ayden's room wasn't done before he was born.  He did arrive TWO WEEKS early though!  I designed his room, picked out the furniture and fabrics, and put my personal touch on a few things.  I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how it came out!  I love the colors!  I love the fabrics! I hope he grows to love it as much as I do.
All of the bedding, curtains, and pillows were handmade.  I ordered them from Etsy.  I wanted something new, clean and modern.  Chevron is the new hottest print.  Paired with the traditional polk-a-dot and a few other modern prints...and you have one unique and fun nursery for this baby boy.

I bought some multi-packs of square canvas' and used the extra fabric and ribbon to cover them.  They came out really well!

The ONLY thing I would change in his room is the rocker.  This was Allie's rocker.  We took it out of her room slightly after finding out we were expecting.  We didn't want it to be such a big adjustment when the baby arrived.  If I could have gotten a new rocker, I think a grey one would have look fabulous in here.

My grandmother made the bunny.  It's been in the family for a LONG time.  I made the footprint heart art.  My cute little one month old baby feet.

I also made this art piece on Photoshop.  Super cute and it matches so well!  It's also for sale in my Etsy shop ... https://www.etsy.com/listing/175233154/personalized-baby-nursery-wall-art-decor?ref=listing-shop-header-1

This bench was a hand-me-down from a friend.  Thanks to my dad for painting it white for Ayden.  It stores his baby toys at the moment, but someday it will make a great reading spot for him.

I added the navy and grey ribbon to this lamp I picked up.  The frame I painted in a matching chevron print and added Ayden's name to it.  Thanks Auntie Ellen for the Tot Clock!  Let's hope he uses it better than his sister is using it right now.

Handprint memorabilia.  Those sweet little hands will forever be remembered.

Allie willingly gave up some of her FBI apparel..the non-pink stuff.

What is not to love about this adorable elephant pillow???  Thanks Nana! 


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Day 2013

SANTA CAME!  SANTA CAME!!  SANTA CAME!!!  How in the world did he get THAT down our chimney?!?!  "WOW!!!" were Allie's first words when she set eyes on this big red car.

Allie has been hoping and hoping that Santa would bring her a "red power car."  Every time she saw Santa at the mall she asked him for a red car (on behalf of her brother too).  Every time someone asked her what she wanted for Christmas..."A red car!" was her response.  Allie knew if she got a car from Santa it would be RED...because red is Santa's favorite color.

Santa also brought a couple extra goodies.  A new bag and lunch bag for Ayden.  His lunch bag will come in handy when he heads to day care in the next month here (uhhhh...so sad).

Allie got a bag too with a couple new movies and a helmet.  Santa probably wants Allie to be safe riding around in her new car.

Our stockings were sitting on the chair and had LOTS of goodies in them! A new Mr. SANTA Potato Head too!!!

Allie hopped in the car as soon as she saw it!  In fact, she hopped IN and OUT of her car about a million times on Christmas day.  She just loved putting ALL her toys in the car with her.  She pretended to drive different places with all her toys...ALL DAY LONG!

Allie's stocking stuffers...a new book for her Tag Reader, headbands, ponytail holders, conditioner, an Olga's gift card (Allie's favorit...snackers), a DVD, hairspray (for when we curl Allie's hair), vitamins, lotion, and LOTS of candy!  ...and a new toothbrush for when she eats that candy.


Allie helped Ayden dump out his stocking.  Santa left Ayden some baby food, a couple new pacifiers, some packages of wipes, and super soft and cuddly blankie to sleep with...and a new cuddly teddy bear too.

Allie can't wait to take her brother for a spin around the block when it gets warmer...and he gets bigger!  VROOM!

Christmas breakfast this year was a SNOWMAN BAGEL...bagels with cream cheese is one of Allie's new favorite foods for breakfast.

This year I often reminded Allie the reason for celebrating Christmas...Jesus' birthday.  This year was the first time we made Jesus a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to him. Allie blew out the candle, of course. Our cake was a "Poke-A-Hole Cake"...you poke holes in the cake and pour red and green Jell-O in the pan. It's makes a very festive red and green cake!  Cool Whip frosting and lots of red and greed sprinkles and M&M's!


Merry 1st Christmas, Ayden!  Your first Christmas memories will forever be locked away in my heart.  I hope this sweet boy got everything he hoped for...I know I did (I got you!)

3 months old