Monday, December 24, 2012

On the 9th Day of Christmas...

...all of my family...came over for CHRISTMAS EVE!!! 

Christmas Eve is celebrated at our house every year.  We have dinner.  We have dessert.  We OPEN PRESENTS!!!  We leave cookies out for Santa and then Allie climbs in bed while visions of sugar plums dance in her head.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful family to surround us every Christmas.  Allie's grandparents came over. Uncle Monte came down into town too!!!  We wish he could have stayed longer.  Aunt Jess and cousin's Whitney and Ethan came over...and even Auntie Linda. 

Allie looked very Christmas-y in her red and green plaid dress and red sparkly shoes.

Allie really liked her chest with dress-up clothes...THANKS, ETHAN!  It's just what I needed.  I hope you liked your Elf on the Shelf and your fun Elf shirt!  It should fit you next Christmas.

Allie, Ethan and their momma's
Allie did a pretty good job unwrapping her presents this year.  She did get a bit distracted at times.  Thanks everyone for all the goodies Allie received.  Todd and I gave Allie a wooden block set and vintage Raggedy Anne and Andy dolls.  I'm pretty sure someone in my family made them for me or my mom.  Nana and Papa Hammerick gave Allie a TRAMPOLINE (which she absolutely LOVES)!  They also gave her an Abby doll, a tunnel to climb through, an apron, books, a Velcro dress up doll and other little fun Christmas stuff like a goodie bag and stickers.  Allie dropped whatever she was playing with when Todd said, "Is that an iPad?"  Yep...Papa Ray got Allie a Tabeo (sort of like an iPad...that's what we have named it).  This was another one of Allie's favorite gifts.  Uncle Monte gave Allie MONEY!!!  It's going directly into her bank account.  She has enough presents to last her a few more Christmas'...she doesn't need to buy herself anything just yet.  Allie's Aunt, Uncle and cousin's (The Parkinson's) got Allie an AMERICAN GIRL DOLL.  It's going up on a shelf for a while though.  It's too nice to let her play with it just yet.  Thanks everyone for all of the fun, adorable, and wonderful gifts.  Allie's says, "Thank you!"

Allie and I painted another plate for Todd this Christmas.  It had Allie's feet print on it again.  I decided to make a VALENTINE plate we could display in February.  Can you see a pattern here?  I wonder what next year's plate will be???  Daddy loved it!  Thanks, Nana, for coming with us.  I would have never been able to paint this without you.  Allie would have broken every piece of pottery in the place before I would have finished.

After all the presents were unwrapped and everyone went home...Allie picked out some cookies to leave for Santa.  The cookies slid off of the tray only two times on the way from the kitchen to the family room...and I only have to vacuum up the crumbs two times.  Even though the cookies were broken and crumbled...we still left them out by the chimney for Santa and we didn't forget about the reindeer either.  We left them a carrot to share.

Santa...these cookies are for you!

I wonder what Santa will leave at our house this year?!?!?

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