Monday, December 24, 2012

On the 8th Day of Christmas...

...Austin, my buddy...made a yummy snack that looked just like a TREE!

This Christmas Eve morning, was spent with our VERY GOOD FRIENDS, the Ader's.  Austin and Allie are very close and give each other a gift every Christmas.  After our annual Christmas breakfast (which seems to be at Lulu's Coney Island every year), Austin and Allie opened their gifts...

Thanks Austin for the new game and case for my new Mobigo I got for my birthday.  Now I can take it wherever I go!  I hope you like your new church bag.  I really like taking my bag to keeps me busy and quiet...usually.

Austin and Allie made a Christmas craft/snack to decorate for Christmas.  Their ice cream cone Christmas trees came out soooo CUTE!  They BOTH did a great job spreading on their icing and putting on their M&M's.  Allie enjoyed the frosting and M&M's a little more than Austin.  Allie would have licked Austing's fingers for him if we would have let her.

One M&M for my M&M for my MOUTH!

Good job, guys!

Allie's M&M Christmas tree

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