Friday, December 21, 2012

On the 6th Day of Christmas...

I celebrated at Lynnie's...where all my friends play with ME!

Lynnie, Debbie, Ilene, and Allie

Allie just LOVES going to Lynnie's every week and this week was no exception.  Lynn, Debbie and Ilene all love Allie so much and take such good care of her each and every day.  Thanks, ladies...we are so thankful to have you in Allie's life. 

Allie celebrated the Christmas season with all her friends.  Robbie was especially cute! 

Thanks so much Lynn, Debbie, and Ilene for taking such good care of our Allie girl.  We hope you enjoyed Allie's gift of all her FAVORITE things.  Allie (and I) made some treats for all her friends.  We hope everyone at Lynnie's has a HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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