Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On the 5th Day of Christmas... mommy gave to very own little Christmas TREE!

In one the MANY Christmas bins we have stored in our basement, holds a small box of SMALL ornaments.  Most of the these ornaments are ones my mom had made.  She was quite the crafty lady and usually DECKED our little house out in Christmas decor.  I LOVED it when I was growing up.  I always looked forward to decorating the tree, putting the tacky window clings up on our giant front picture window...but most of all, I loved to decorate the mini-tree that lived in my bedroom for a good solid month.  I was sure to turn it on every evening when the sun went down and I used to stare it at as I drifted off to sleep each night.

The ornaments that were on that tree are now part of MY Christmas decor.  However, I never felt the need to get them out until this year.  This year, Allie might not be quite old enough to understand the memories I have of these small handmade ornaments...or how special they are to me now that my mom is longer here.  But this year, Allie is old enough to decorate her own little tree.

This little tree resides in her bedroom...and will until sometime before New Year's.  Great job, Allie!  I think it looks great!

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