Sunday, December 9, 2012

On the 2nd Day of Christmas... mommy and daddy...decorated the Christmas tree with me! 

It's a miracle we were able to locate our Christmas Trees (notice "trees"... in plural form...we have TWO trees we put up) from the basement this year.  Because we are in the final stages of having our basement complete...every single piece of anything we have stored down there is covered in drywall DUST...including our Christmas trees.  We pulled off the dusty plastic tree bag covers and hauled them up the stairs along with the bins containing our ornaments. 

Allie helped decorate our "Travel Tree" today...for about 5 minutes until she lost interest.  On this tree we hang all the ornaments we've collected from our travels.  I carefully separated the breakable vs. non-breakable ornaments and let her hang away.  She did a great job placing them on the branch (notice "branch"...singular form...they ALL ended up on ONE branch).  I did a little rearranging...what a SPECTACULAR looking tree!

Our other tree is placed in our front office at the window simply because you can see it through the window from the street...and I like that.  This tree holds all of our special family remembrance ornaments...because I can't mix up the two sets of ornaments.

Allie hanging up our most recent travel ornaments (Boston, Norwegian Dawn Cruise Ship, and Bermuda)

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