Friday, December 28, 2012

On the 11th Day of Christmas...

...Mommy and me...built a gingerbread house out of CANDY!

After Christmas (when all the Christmas candy is on SALE) we got together with Allie's cousins and made GINGERBREAD HOUSES.  Allie has so much FUN!!!  Aunt Jess and Whitney did a fabulous job setting everything up and making the frosting for us.  Thank did an awesome job!  Thanks for inviting us.  We are going to look forward to this EVERY YEAR!

Allie and Ethan all ready to make their houses

Check out all the yummy candy to decorate our houses with

Allie and I worked together to make her house.  I got the house formed for her and then put the icing on.  Allie stuck all the candy on in different places.  I think she did more eating than decorating...candy was her dinner tonight!  Her favorite candy?  M&M's...of course!

Aunt Jess and Ethan hard at work

Allie is so proud of her gingerbread house!

Allie's masterpiece!

Time for pictures of all the gingerbread houses.  Good job everyone!!!  We have a little gingerbread village. 

Whitney and Allie

Mommy and Allie's gingerbread house 2012

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