Tuesday, December 25, 2012

On the 10th Day of Christmas...

...Santa came to MEEEE...and left a bunch of presents under the TREE!!!!

Allie was a little nervous to come into the family room Christmas morning.  Todd and I both went in first (I wanted to get a video of Allie seeing the tree and all of her gifts for the first time).  I think Allie thought Santa would actually be IN the family room.  Todd had to walk her in and hold her hand.  Once she saw all the presents...she was completely as ease. 

Check out what was left under our Christmas tree!  All for Allie!  Santa must have thought Allie was a GOOD GIRL this year because our family room was FILLED with lots of goodies for Allie girl!  Allie got a foam letter puzzle floor set, a rocking horse, a Bitty Baby with a crib, changing table, wagon, and clothes, a little people farm set, books, a Dora sippy cup, a bowling set, and a cookie monster doll.  Allie named her Bitty Baby, Addison.

This is an oldie, but goodie...Santa's elves must have made this toy from scratch

Santa spelled Allie's name out in the puzzle pieces

Allie had lots of yummy treats in her stocking.  Santa always fills up all the stockings hanging from our mantle.  Todd and I got goodies from Santa too!  Santa ALWAYS leaves an apple and an orange in the bottom of our stockings (which Allie decided to take a bite out of as soon as she pulled them out...peel and all).  Santa sure does know Allie well...M&M's, Cheerios, Tootsie Rolls and potato chips!

Allie's Christmas goodies in her stocking

After looking at all the gifts, Allie noticed the plate of cookies she left for Santa.  Allie said, "He drink it all.  We need more."

Allie SURE DID MAKE OUT THIS YEAR!  Check out ALL she got from Santa, family and friends.  WOW!  Good thing she has a brand new playroom to put all this stuff. 

Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe sent all of us Christmas gifts, but they were accidentally mailed to CALIFORNIA!!!  Cousin's Emma and Sydney's gift were mailed to us by mistake...ooops!  We resent the packages and they arrived on Christmas Eve...so we had even MORE gifts to open on Christmas morning!

Nana and Papa came over for Christmas breakfast before we headed out to church.  I made Allie a special SANTA pancake for Christmas breakfast.  All of her favorite things...banana, pomegranate, chocolate chips and whip cream!  She didn't touch the pancake though.

Yummy whip cream...I don't need a spoon...I'll just use my finger.

I feel so blessed to share Christmas day with my Allie girl.  She makes Christmas so much fun for Todd and I.  Christmas just keeps getting better and better every year with Allie here.  Merry Christmas to ALL...and to all a good night!

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