Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Party!

My sweet little baby turned TWO today...and what a FUN day we had celebrating!!!  This year Allie's birthday fell on a Saturday so it was the perfect day to have her 2nd birthday party. 

Lately, Allie has been pretty obsessed with Elmo.  Ever since Todd and I started letting her watch little clips on youtube of Elmo singing and dancing, Allie has been hooked on anything Elmo.  Way back when the weather was warm in August, I started planning and preparing for Allie's 2nd birthday party.  YES! It WAS a lot of work...but I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!  It's fun...and soooo adorable.  And, NO!  She probably won't remember it...but I will...and so will my friends and family...and Allie, Todd and I will always have all the pictures to look back on and remember! 

Allie's Elmo birthday invitations
Allie's party today was PERFECT...except for the fact that I was running late...and I spilled the Oreo pops in the fridge just as everyone was arriving...grrr!  I started hanging birthday decorations in our house about three weeks ago (I'm a working mom and her birthday falls between holidays...I have to be prepared in advance!).  Allie loved having Elmo all over our house and knew that her big day was arriving.  "That's my birthday party!" she often told us.

Everything for the party was Elmo...but a GIRLIE ELMO!  Elmo cupcakes, fruit and veggie trays, cookies, snacks, and drinks...plates, cups, hats, and balloons.  Allie loved it ALL!  I made banners, cupcake toppers, centerpeices, hats and water bottle labels.  My mind went wild creating lots of super-dooper adorable decorations!

Allie's Sticky Bellie pictures for TWO years!


All ready to get this party started!

Allie had so much fun with her friends...after she clung to Todd and I for a while.  All of Allie's friends came to play, read, make an Elmo, and color too!  Julia, Jack, Brennan, Ainsley, Austin, Preston, Leighton, Savannah and Ethan joined in on all the fun. 

Julia and her daddy making an Elmo with Allie and her daddy

"Look at my Elmo!"
We've been practicing singing "Happy Birthday" for a few good months now.  Allie has gotten really good at it.  However, when we all sang to her, she got REALLY SHY and practically jumped in my lap.  But she had no problem eating her cupcake or wearing her hat this year. We've been practicing quite a bit by wearing our birthday hat here and there. I think Allie actually liked wearing her fun, sparkly, Elmo hat.  This year she picked up her bupcake and ate ALL the frosting cake...but ALL the frosting.  We are making progress here.  Last year we wanted nothing to do with cupcakes at all.

Allie LOVED her frosting...but NOT as much as BRENNAN!!! 

All of Allie's friends at the birthday table.

Finally time to open gifts.  Allie did a GREAT job ripping open the wrapping paper.  She got a LOT of really cool, cute and fun toys!  Lots of ELMO themed gifts (toys, coloring books, clothes, DVD's).  Thanks everyone for all the fun stuff...Allie has more new toys than we know what to do with.

"Thanks, Papa, for the jewelry box...and MONEY!"

"Thanks, Nana, for helping with the party and all the cool ELMO goodies!"

Thanks everyone for sharing in our special day!  We love Allie so much and are thankful for every day that she shares with us. She is the cutest, funniest, smartest little girl I know and I will be forever grateful that she's a part of my life. I'm so blessed!

"I'm pooped!"
Planning Allie's party this year inspired me to make fun Elmo party decoartions for others. I opened my very own ETSY shop. Check it out at...MonicaDawnDesigns.


  1. Where did you find the precious Elmo dress?

  2. Janslittlehearts on Etsy. She was great!

  3. Is there a tutorial on how you made the sign with the pole? Super cute