Saturday, December 1, 2012

2 Years Old

I never thought I would see the day when we would have our last Sticky Bellie photo shoot.  On the first of every month (or somewhere close to it) Allie and I got out the camera and her Sticky Bellie sticker.  Most of the time I frantically dug through Allie's dresser and closet to see what outfit I can piece together to match the month's sticker.  In the beginning Allie cooperated pretty well...she would lay or sit nicely and occasionally I'd get a smile.  Then came the sessions when Allie learned to crawl and walk.  Getting her to sit still was a chore and I'd often scramble to get her into position, then frantically grab my camera while making the most ridiculous squealing and squeaking nosies to get her to smile or turn her attention to the camera.  THEN...came the the sessions where she started noticing the sticker on her belly and enjoyed ripping it off (ripping some of her stickers into two pieces).  This did not make me a happy momma because I save all of her stickers for her baby book.  Grrr!  However, coming to the end now, Allie has started to cooperate again.  She will graciously let me put on her belly sticker...and let me pose her where I want...only if I give her an M&M (or four) in the process.  We've been having our little photo sessions once a month for TWO YEARS now...that's 24 MONTHS!!!  My how Allie has grown. 

At 2 years old (or 24 months in Sticky Bellie time) Allie loves to sing, count and dance.  She really enjoys going to day care and seeing all her friends.  Allie has a very kind heart and likes to take care of babies at day care by feeding them bottles.  Allie has continued to attend gymnastics and has gotten very good at her forward roll.  Allie can feed herself very well and enjoys eating soup, cereal, french fries, and cheese slices.  She has practiced her good behavior when we go out for meals.  She says please, thank you, may I be excused, and excuse me.  Allie loves to play with all her toys, especially her puzzles, stroller and dolls, and her cell phones and purse.  Allie can hold a pencil correctly and likes to draw and color. 

Days before Allie's big party, she received gifts in the mail from her cousins in California and Auntie and Uncle Joe in Florida. Allie had a ball (and it was great practice for her party) opening all the Elmo themed gifts Auntie and Uncle Joe got Allie. Elmo snacks, soap, puzzles, wipes and stickers...M&M's and even a 2 dollar bill! Thanks Auntie and Uncle Joe...I love EVERYTHING ELMO!

Even the wrapping paper has ELMO!
That little tongue always comes out when Allie's hard at work
Thanks Uncle Joe and Auntie Ellen!!!


Allie celebrated her birthday at day care too! She brought her favorite cookies to share with all her friends at Lynnie's...OREO's! Allie still fit into her "Birthday Girl" shirt...the same one she wore last year. Check out the one-year-old and the two-year-old Allie.

Dear Allie,

Daddy and I are so proud of you at two years old.  You are so smart, kind and loving.  You have learned so much this past year and have grown into a little girl.  You know your ABC's, how to count to 10, and how to use your good manners.  You give the best kisses and hugs and you make each and every day the brightest I've seen.  I love seeing you jump up and down in your crib with excitement and a huge smile on your face when I come to get you each morning.  I love spending time with you doing puzzles and reading books.  I love all the memories we have made on our adventures while you were one year old.  You are my little gem.  I can't wait to see what adventures we will have at TWO years old.  I love you, Allie girl!

Love, Mommy

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