Thursday, November 22, 2012


We have so much to be thankful for this year.  We are celebrating Thanksgiving back here in Michigan as a whole family...grandparents and all!  Although we have A LOT going on lately (basement remodel, preparing for Allie's birthday) we managed to set aside some family time today.
This morning we had a special Thanksgiving breakfast...TURKEY WAFFLES!  Allie's favorite part?  The M&M's and candy corn, of course.
Check out Allie's turkey hat she made at day care

Time for a little Thanksgiving gift giving to get us all excited about Turkey Day.  Filled inside were some things to keep Allie busy today...playdough, a cornucopia craft, a new Elmo puzzle and a fun book about silly turkeys.  Lastly was a shirt that I made with Allie's hand prints for her wear today along with a new turkey bow.

We were in charge of making dessert for Thanksgiving dinner.  Allie helped make the Oreo pops...however she did way more eating than decorating.

Oreo face!

All ready to go.  Allie's was the cutest little thing in her Thanksgiving shirt, bow and sparkly shoes. 

Allie showed off her Thanksgiving projects at dinner.  Her turkey hat and hand print plate she made at day care, and her turkey napkin holder she made at Home Depot at the kid's workshop.  She was so proud of her napkin holder.  Nana made sure to put it on the table at dinner.

Allie and Papa Ray

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

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