Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloweeeeeen!

The Halloween season has been quite fun in the Hammerick house.  We've been trick-or-treating a few times this month.  Allie's dressed up in her costume for trick-or-treating, at day care, and at all the Halloween festivities we attended.  Allie dressed the part many days in October.  I found a half dozen Halloween shirts for Allie to wear in her "hand-me-down bin."  (We are soooo very lucky for all the hand me downs Allie receives)  She liked pointing to the pumpkin on her shirt everyday or telling me "MEOOWWW!" everytime she saw a Halloween cat.

The night before Halloween we carved our very first pumpkin as a family of three.  I dug out my old pumpkin carving knives from our Halloween decoration know, the ones that you couldn't cut yourself if you tried...let alone a pumpkin.  I did the gutting (Todd hates this part) and the carving (with a REAL knife).  Allie was prefectly happy using her "knife" to cut the part of the pumpkin that we carved out.

Here's a view of our front porch.  The first pumpkin is the one we carved...the other two are fake ones...shhhhh, don't tell anyone.

Allie's new favorite snack is "M&M yogurt."  We were passing by the yogurt case in Meijer one day while grocery shopping and Allie spotted the M&M's on the side of the yogurt container.  I picked up a few for her because she was about to jump out of the shopping cart and grab them herself. 

The night before Halloween I put on Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin while she had her bedtime snack.  She was very content eating her Halloween snack and watching Charlie Brown.  She ate the WHOLE container.  The trick...I only put a couple of M&M's in at a time.  She always goes back for more.

Allie spent her Halloween day at day care with her friends.  She dressed up in her costume and had a Halloween party with lots of yummy treats.

Allie celebrating Halloween at Lynnie's

Allie's Halloween artwork she made at day care this year. 

The Ader's came over for Halloween dinner before trick-or-treating.  We had jack-o-lantern spaghetti (one of Allie's favorites) and mummy hot dogs (another favorite) for dinner.  Allie was happy to be eating with her good buddy, Austin.  Allie thought the best part of the meal was dessert though....OREO POPS!

Jack-o-lantern spaghetti and mummy hot dogs
Halloween Oreo Pops

Allie LOVED her Oreo pop!

At school this year I dressed up as a BEE.  Aren't we cute little bugs?

Thomas the Train and Ladybug Girl (aka: Austin and Allie) couldn't wait to go trick-or-treating.  One quick picture before we hit the road.  This years photo came out MUCH better than last year. 


Here we go!  Let's go get some CANDY!  All the adults were FREEZING but the kiddos seamed to not really notice the 30 degree temps.

"Come on, Allie!"

Allie had a blast trick-or-treating with Austin this year.  We probably made it to a little over a dozen houses.  Allie insisted on walking even though she was a bit slower than Austin.  She wanted to walk up all the steps and up to people's doors.  She only fell a couple of times and her candy usually spilled all over cement.  Allie got really excited when she got a tootsie roll or M&M's...her two favorite candies.

Tonight she ate a hefty amount of candy (for her)...gummy bears, tootsie rolls, skittles, M&M's, and I think even a Snickers.  She loved it ALL!

Check out all my Halloween goodies!

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