Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Little Sticker Goes a Long Way

Stickers, stickers, everywhere...stickers, stickers, in my HAIR!  Today I woke up to find not one, but TWO stickers stuck in my hair.  In an attempt to get Allie to get some sleep (and Todd and I as well) we've been giving her stickers in the morning if she stays in bed ALL night and if Todd or I do not have to go into her room in the middle of the night until her clock turns blue at 6:00 am.  She sometimes will cry out in the middle of the night, but USUALLY after I yell from our room to LAY DOWN, Allie will drop down to her matress and fall off into dream land again.  If we don't have to get up out of bed, it still counts toward a sticker.
Allie's been doing AWESOME!  For the past couple weeks, she's earned a sticker EVERY morning...and sometimes at day care too when she asks after getting up from a nap (thanks ladies for helping out with our little rewards).  I usually give Allie the whole sticker book and let her pick out a few.  She happily peels them off and sticks them onto her pajama shirt. 
Lately our house looks like the STICKER MONSTER EXPLODED in our house.  We are finding stickers EVERYWHERE!  They are sticking to my feet as I walk through the bathroom.  I find them in multiple place in Allie's room.  They are in my bed and stuck in my hair and on my clothes.  I went to work one day with a sticker stuck to my shirt.
I guess that is the price I pay for a little shut eye.  Keep up the good work, Allie girl!

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