Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Dream Coming True

Our house has been pretty BUSY lately...between planning Allie's birthday party, report card and conference time, and the holiday's coming up....we are also remodeling our basement!  I've been waiting SIX YEARS to have this project get underway.  Of course, Todd and I didn't have a need for all that extra space with just the two of us living here.  But, after Allie came around...I knew it would be a GREAT space for Allie to keep all her TOYS...and OUT OF MY LIVING ROOM!  However, with Todd in Boston, there was no way this project was even on our radar.
Now with everyone living under the same roof, Todd gave me the greatest gift.  Our dream of a finished space down there is coming true.  I'm so excited for this project to be complete.  We'll have a living space, a craft room for me and playroom for Allie (combined), a gym for me to workout in (so I can stop ruining the carpet in our living room and bedroom from jumping all around on it), and a bathroom.

Studs have started to go up

Allie's playroom...aka: my craft room

Soon to be bathroom

Our house has been a revolving door...contractors, workers, electricians, plumbers.  Not to mention all the SHOPPING Todd, Allie and I have had to do.  We've had to choose sinks, counter tops, tile, carpet, gym flooring, faucets...and we've started purchasing furniture as well.  Every weekend we've had to run out to multiple shops and stores and we've had to drag Allie to most of them.  She's been a trooper through this whole process.  She really enjoyed trying to flush the toilets at the plumbing shop, and walking on all the carpet at Home Depot.  Not to mention running through the granite warehouse through all the slabs of granite and eating all the candy at the tile store. 

Yesterday, I came home and walked into a FOG of DUST!  I'm not kidding!  When I walked through my front door I couldn't see to the back of the house.  The drywall had been cut and hung, which resulted in DUST EVERYWHERE!  Allie was such a big helper and got right to work dusting our furniture.  She even helped clean the floors.  Of course it was FREEZING outside when we opened up the doors and windows in an attempt to get some of the dust out.  I bundled Allie up in some layers and threw on my fleece pajama pants hoping to stay warm.  It didn't help that the furnace had been turned off all day either to prevent the dust from traveling upstairs.  Guess that didn't matter.

We walked downstairs to see the work in progress. Allie's first words as we took a look around..."That's my playroom."

Living Space



Allie's playroom...and my craft room

This morning when we came downstairs the next layer of dust had settled.  Uhhhhh!  Back to cleaning again.

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