Thursday, November 22, 2012


We have so much to be thankful for this year.  We are celebrating Thanksgiving back here in Michigan as a whole family...grandparents and all!  Although we have A LOT going on lately (basement remodel, preparing for Allie's birthday) we managed to set aside some family time today.
This morning we had a special Thanksgiving breakfast...TURKEY WAFFLES!  Allie's favorite part?  The M&M's and candy corn, of course.
Check out Allie's turkey hat she made at day care

Time for a little Thanksgiving gift giving to get us all excited about Turkey Day.  Filled inside were some things to keep Allie busy today...playdough, a cornucopia craft, a new Elmo puzzle and a fun book about silly turkeys.  Lastly was a shirt that I made with Allie's hand prints for her wear today along with a new turkey bow.

We were in charge of making dessert for Thanksgiving dinner.  Allie helped make the Oreo pops...however she did way more eating than decorating.

Oreo face!

All ready to go.  Allie's was the cutest little thing in her Thanksgiving shirt, bow and sparkly shoes. 

Allie showed off her Thanksgiving projects at dinner.  Her turkey hat and hand print plate she made at day care, and her turkey napkin holder she made at Home Depot at the kid's workshop.  She was so proud of her napkin holder.  Nana made sure to put it on the table at dinner.

Allie and Papa Ray

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Dream Coming True

Our house has been pretty BUSY lately...between planning Allie's birthday party, report card and conference time, and the holiday's coming up....we are also remodeling our basement!  I've been waiting SIX YEARS to have this project get underway.  Of course, Todd and I didn't have a need for all that extra space with just the two of us living here.  But, after Allie came around...I knew it would be a GREAT space for Allie to keep all her TOYS...and OUT OF MY LIVING ROOM!  However, with Todd in Boston, there was no way this project was even on our radar.
Now with everyone living under the same roof, Todd gave me the greatest gift.  Our dream of a finished space down there is coming true.  I'm so excited for this project to be complete.  We'll have a living space, a craft room for me and playroom for Allie (combined), a gym for me to workout in (so I can stop ruining the carpet in our living room and bedroom from jumping all around on it), and a bathroom.

Studs have started to go up

Allie's playroom...aka: my craft room

Soon to be bathroom

Our house has been a revolving, workers, electricians, plumbers.  Not to mention all the SHOPPING Todd, Allie and I have had to do.  We've had to choose sinks, counter tops, tile, carpet, gym flooring, faucets...and we've started purchasing furniture as well.  Every weekend we've had to run out to multiple shops and stores and we've had to drag Allie to most of them.  She's been a trooper through this whole process.  She really enjoyed trying to flush the toilets at the plumbing shop, and walking on all the carpet at Home Depot.  Not to mention running through the granite warehouse through all the slabs of granite and eating all the candy at the tile store. 

Yesterday, I came home and walked into a FOG of DUST!  I'm not kidding!  When I walked through my front door I couldn't see to the back of the house.  The drywall had been cut and hung, which resulted in DUST EVERYWHERE!  Allie was such a big helper and got right to work dusting our furniture.  She even helped clean the floors.  Of course it was FREEZING outside when we opened up the doors and windows in an attempt to get some of the dust out.  I bundled Allie up in some layers and threw on my fleece pajama pants hoping to stay warm.  It didn't help that the furnace had been turned off all day either to prevent the dust from traveling upstairs.  Guess that didn't matter.

We walked downstairs to see the work in progress. Allie's first words as we took a look around..."That's my playroom."

Living Space



Allie's playroom...and my craft room

This morning when we came downstairs the next layer of dust had settled.  Uhhhhh!  Back to cleaning again.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Little Sticker Goes a Long Way

Stickers, stickers, everywhere...stickers, stickers, in my HAIR!  Today I woke up to find not one, but TWO stickers stuck in my hair.  In an attempt to get Allie to get some sleep (and Todd and I as well) we've been giving her stickers in the morning if she stays in bed ALL night and if Todd or I do not have to go into her room in the middle of the night until her clock turns blue at 6:00 am.  She sometimes will cry out in the middle of the night, but USUALLY after I yell from our room to LAY DOWN, Allie will drop down to her matress and fall off into dream land again.  If we don't have to get up out of bed, it still counts toward a sticker.
Allie's been doing AWESOME!  For the past couple weeks, she's earned a sticker EVERY morning...and sometimes at day care too when she asks after getting up from a nap (thanks ladies for helping out with our little rewards).  I usually give Allie the whole sticker book and let her pick out a few.  She happily peels them off and sticks them onto her pajama shirt. 
Lately our house looks like the STICKER MONSTER EXPLODED in our house.  We are finding stickers EVERYWHERE!  They are sticking to my feet as I walk through the bathroom.  I find them in multiple place in Allie's room.  They are in my bed and stuck in my hair and on my clothes.  I went to work one day with a sticker stuck to my shirt.
I guess that is the price I pay for a little shut eye.  Keep up the good work, Allie girl!

Friday, November 2, 2012

All Was Quiet

It has been a very long time since I've had any sort of privacy with Allie around.  When she was immobile I would leave her in the Boppy or laying comfortably on her play mat while I ran to the other room to put the laundry away.  I could go to the bathroom while she sat in her bouncy seat in the kitchen. 

From the very day Allie took her first step...there has been no leaving her alone, or me for that matter.  It feels like she went from crawling to RUNNING!  Now wherever I go...she goes. She's with me in the morning playing happily with whatever she can find in our bathroom cabinets and drawers while I shower.  She follows me to the bathroom and makes sure to hand me toilet paper and flush the toilet. 

It's only been VERY recently that she'll play alone.  She'll sometimes sit in her room and read in her rocking chair, or work on her puzzles in the living room while I cook in the kitchen. 

Today, Allie was perfectly content hanging out in my closet while I rushed around the house straightening and organizing everything in my path.  She was quiet.  I was cleaning.  And cleaning.  She's was a little too quiet...

That's mascara all over her face.  WATERPROOF mascara!  Which took a LOT of scrubbing to get off.  And now on to perfume...

My little girlie girl loves playing with my jewelry, lotion and perfume....and now my makeup.  Gotta love that face!
When things are quiet...too quiet...prepare for disaster.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

23 Months Old

Oh my gosh...just one more month to go until my Allie girl is TWO!!!  Can you believe it?  Almost two years ago, Allie came into our world and stole our hearts.
Allie is becoming one smart little girl. She knows how to count to 10.  She can say the days of the week.  She knows all of the colors.  Allie loves to pretend play, work on puzzles, and sing songs...some of her favorites are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle, and the ABC's.  Allie took her first trip to Urgent Care this month when she pulled a door frame on top of herself.  Luckily she walked away with only a bruised finger.  All 16 of her baby teeth have come in and she enjoys brushing them every day.  Allie is doing a fabulous job staying in her bed at night...she earns a sticker almost every morning.