Friday, October 12, 2012

Zoo Boo

Allie's first Zoo Boo was so much fun!  She had a blast!  Luckily the weather was GREAT...a little chilly...but we were ALL bundled up.  Allie is a super cute (and warm) LADYBUG this year for Halloween. She was layered in leggings, pants, a long sleeve onesie, turtleneck, and winter coat...hat and mittens too.  We forgot the stroller at home, but it didn't matter because she INSISTED on walking the ENTIRE way through the zoo. 

Allie LOVED holding her bucket and collecting her goodies.  She said "tick-o-teet" whenever we came to a trick-or-treat station.  Todd and I tried to carry it for her, but she wanted to carry it by herself.

Walking through the hay maze.

We met up with Allie's friend Julia...and her mommy, Katie.  Allie and Julia are becoming pretty good friends at day care.  Allie named a doll at day care after Julia (baby Julia).  Allie and Julia walked through Zoo Boo and took a ride on the carousel together.  Allie had a much better experience on the carousel this time around.  Her last (first) ride on the carousel in downtown Boston didn't go so well.  This time she sat on her penguin and waved to Todd at every spin.

The zoo was decorated with cool animal pumpkins all throughout the trail.  Allie liked looking at them and telling us what they were.


Yeah, Allie!  You're such a big girl walking the whole way through Zoo Boo!  This Halloween sure is a bit different than last year.  You're going to be a pro at trick-or-treating when Halloween rolls around.

Zoo Boo 2012 Family Photo

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