Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What a Hay Day

I can't believe how many fun fall activities there are to do with little ones around here.  What better place to hang out on an autumn Tuesday than Heritage Park where the surrounding leaves are full of vibrant fall colors.  The weather was PERFECT...a warm evening to spend some time outside.

Hay Day had a bunch of fun things for Allie to do.  She painted her very first pumpkin tonight and loved every minute of it.  She's gotten rather good at painting lately.  She's had some practice at day care.  Allie carefully dipped her paint brush in the red, green and blue paint, and every so gently brushed paint on her pumpkin.  She managed to stay pretty clean too!

Picking out a pumpkin to paint

Working away so intently 

Look who we ran into...Allie's friend Savannah!

Allie's masterpiece

We were thrilled when we saw Savannah, Sherri and Dave at Hay Day.  These things are always more fun with your friends.  Allie and Savannah posed for a quick photo...girls, you forgot to smile.


My favorite part was the GIANT fire pit to roast hot dogs and s'mores on.  Mmmmm...Allie helped out in the roasting process...and she also helped out in the eating process.


Roasting her marshmallow

So sticky...but so YUMMY!
At the park we always have to make a quick stop at the swings.  Allie loves her rides on the swings.   She could have stayed there all night.

But I think her favorite thing about Hay Day was the BOUNCE HOUSE!  Allie when in the bounce house twice and didn't want to get out either of the times.  Todd had to go in and actually drag her out.  She had a ball giggling and jumping all around.  She did love it...until we had to leave.

"More bounce house"...Allie whined as we left
 I love doing these fun outings as a family, especially in the fall (I love fall).  This is what life is all about...new happenings and experiences...together.

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